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Synonyms for tardy

Synonyms for tardy

not being on time

proceeding at a rate less than usual or desired

Synonyms for tardy

after the expected or usual time


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However, though he's uncertain how the story will continue playing out in the new season, Tardy told International Business Times that he thinks it would great to delve more into Rashid's journey to Winchester University, because his character can also provide the perspective an immigrant.
This exciting change comes one year after Tardy joined the firm in October 2015, along with more than 30 attorneys and 60 support staff in five offices.
This is a selfwinding movement whose style has been carefully finished," Tardy said.
Recently in the UK we have had massive flooding of the Somerset Levels followed by allegations of a tardy government response and also complaints of neglecting the dredging of local rivers.
reportedly arrived late to class on Tuesday, and science and technology teacher Sevilay ylkgE-l Durukan, 40, asked him get a tardy slip.
Analysts emphasize that they are not very optimistic that something concrete will happen in the country in the future but say that if the same events reoccur, the reaction from the government should not be tardy.
40 Pontefract, nap) Roger Charlton's filly beat the colts at Newbury despite a tardy stalls exit which cost her several lengths.
Islamabad, August 27(ANI): The tardy pace of the proceedings in the Salmaan Taseer assassination case "may well have encouraged" the abductors of Shahbaz Taseer into believing that they can get away with it, an editorial in a Pakistani newspaper has said.
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El 19 de junio de 1960, Le Corbusier se reune con Jean Francois Baud, Paul Parayae, Roger Tardy, en representacion de la asociacion parroquial de Firminy-Vert, y Eugene Claudius-Petit, como alcalde de Firminy.
Her only defeat came in the Lily Agnes Stakes at Chester, where her chance was compromised by a tardy start.
Inexplicably, the powers-that-be are eager to hand out gongs to captains of industry and two-bit politicians but tardy when it comes to impresarios and entertainers.
No appointment system, though, no matter how efficient, will eliminate the problems created by no-shows, tardy patients, and tardy doctors.
Representative John Piotti was elected majority leader over Sharon Treat, and Republicans chose Representative Josh Tardy minority leader.
She has never been less than spectacular to date, overcoming a tardy start last time out in the Prix Vermeille to engage top gear in the straight without breaking sweat under the ever-confident Christophe Soumillon.