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Synonyms for tardy

Synonyms for tardy

not being on time

proceeding at a rate less than usual or desired

Synonyms for tardy

after the expected or usual time


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For more than 10 years, our group has worked closely with Jim Maron and his team and have gained a healthy respect for them as attorneys and an appreciation for their business plan," said Tardy.
Since 1998, Sebastian Tardy has worked and led teams in various Telcos' in Europe.
Sources attributed the situation to tardy relatives who refuse to take the patients back home or fail to answer calls from the hospital.
During the last decade, progress has been tardy in most of the highway projects.
However, it is also a fact that the opposition agreed with the election rules and it could be said that the reaction to the non-recognition of the elections is tardy.
The tardy response to this disaster by George W Bush played no small part in the standing of this president and the fortunes of the subsequent Republican contender for the presidency.
com/dont-be-tardy/season-2/videos/hilarious-birth-control-options) Don't Be Tardy " the couple revealed plans to conceive a third child within the next year.
yZMyR (CyHAN)- An eighth-grade student who stabbed his teacher to death on Wednesday in the province of yzmir after she requested he obtain a tardy slip was arrested on Thursday.
In the stipulation, "Judge Singbush admitted that (1) 'since his election in 1991, [he] has been habitually tardy for hearings, first appearances, and trials for which he was the presiding judge'; (2) 'when tardy, [he] was often tardy for more than 15 minutes'; (3) '[his] tardiness inconveniences and economically burdens lawyers, litigants, and the judicial system'; [and] (4) 'the majority of the times [he] was late to [c]ourt were without good cause .
Analysts emphasize that they are not very optimistic that something concrete will happen in the country in the future but say that if the same events reoccur, the reaction from the government should not be tardy.
40 Pontefract, nap) Roger Charlton's filly beat the colts at Newbury despite a tardy stalls exit which cost her several lengths.
Islamabad, August 27(ANI): The tardy pace of the proceedings in the Salmaan Taseer assassination case "may well have encouraged" the abductors of Shahbaz Taseer into believing that they can get away with it, an editorial in a Pakistani newspaper has said.
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Her only defeat came in the Lily Agnes Stakes at Chester, where her chance was compromised by a tardy start.
Inexplicably, the powers-that-be are eager to hand out gongs to captains of industry and two-bit politicians but tardy when it comes to impresarios and entertainers.