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late-occurring (especially with reference to symptoms of a disease)

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Modulation of neuronal dopamine levels in diseases such as tardive dyskinesia, Tourette syndrome, Huntington's chorea, schizophrenia, and tardive dystonia, which are characterized, in part, by a hyperdopaminergic state, should provide symptomatic benefits for patients with these diseases.
Among the tardive syndromes, tardive blepharospasm refers to a repetitive, persistent, and severe spasm of the orbicularis oculi muscle as an isolated condition.
Morningside's investment in Synchroneuron demonstrates our belief in the potential of SNC-102 to safely and effectively treat neuropsychiatric disorders such as tardive dyskinesia as well as its potential in additional indications, said Gerald Chan, Chairman of Morningside Technology Ventures.
Comment: Tardive dyskinesia is characterized by involuntary movements of the tongue, lips, extremities, and other parts of the body.
Among the cases are the man who kept hitting his wife over the head with a frying pan, the eight-year-old girl who was naughty, the severely depressed man with a life insurance policy soon to lose its suicide exemption, the breast cancer survivor who could not remember how to cook, the young man whose dyskenesia was prompt and not tardive, the woman who was either manic or fat, and the painful man who soaked up his opiates like a sponge.
announced today the firm is now accepting cases on behalf of people who used the prescription drug Reglan and later developed tardive dyskinesia, a neurological disorder that causes uncontrollable, repetitive movements of the body, such as grimacing, lip smacking, eye blinking or rapid leg and arm movements.
Quetiapine's label already has extensive warnings about tardive dyskinesia, but says that the risk in the MDD and GAD studies was very low--at 0.
A boxed warning about an increased risk of tardive dyskinesia associated with the chronic use of metoclopramide will be added to the drug's label, according to the Food and Drug Administration.
Antipsychotic-induced tardive dyskinesia is a potentially irremediable and debilitating condition with the onset most commonly associated with the use of first-generation antipsychotics.
Gelenberg, professor and head of psychiatry at the University of Arizona, warned of a resurgence of tardive dyskinesia if psychiatrists are forced to treat chronically ill patients with first-generation antipsychotics.
The neuroleptics we know pose the greater risk in terms of serious adverse events such as tardive dyskinesia and neuro-malignant syndrome (Jeste & Caligiurie, 1993).
It is clearly true that the newer medications are much more expensive than the older ones, but tardive dyskinesia (TD) rates have plummeted by about 99 percent with the advent of the modern antipsychotic medications.
However, one serious and possibly debilitating side effect associated with antipsychotic therapy is a neurologic condition called tardive dyskinesia.
To start, neuroleptics are scientifically proven to produce two neurological disorders after long use--tardive dyskinesia and tardive akathisia.