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Synonyms for tardiness

Synonyms for tardiness

the quality or condition of not being on time

Antonyms for tardiness

the quality or habit of not adhering to a correct or usual or expected time

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For me, the tardiness was based on my untreated depression and lack of self-esteem.
Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon and Senators Bam Aquino and Francis Pangilinan also attended 84 session days with occasions of tardiness.
The committee said failure to collect debts, and some beneficiaries' tardiness in paying their loans, are among the biggest issues facing the Fund.
In this paper, a branch and bound algorithm is presented for a two-stage assembly-type flowshop scheduling problem with the objective of minimizing the total tardiness.
The singer, 57, excused her tardiness with an on-stage rant, explaining that she'd had to wait for a reboot of her on-stage video, telling the audience it had been "no selfish diva" reason.
The Grants Pass School District is reviewing its tardiness punishments after outrage followed the Facebook posting of a picture of a 6-year-old sitting behind a cardboard screen in a lunchroom.
The holdup has many reasons but the main one is the tardiness of the university itself to process the paperwork in a timely fashion.
However, the tardiness in undertaking suitable measures is the greatest reason for preventing the brutal multiple homicides, adds Rizaov.
Sturbridge does not have a residency requirement, and tardiness was a continuing problem for Mr.
told Cameron's tardiness in Miller from his paucity women.
In her time, President Cory Aquino fostered a movement to respect punctuality and minimize the institutionalized tardiness that spawned the pejorative phrase "Filipino time.
She does not accept 'milking the goat' as a valid explanation of your tardiness.
This came after media outlets blamed the dwindling chances of the Kingdom's candidacy for hosting sports events on the tardiness of relevant government bodies including both the finance and commerce ministries.
In scheduling problem two important performance measures are flow time and tardiness to measure the performance of the system.
I'll remind him of his tardiness when he is a bit older" Prince William jokes about the long wait for their son to be born "People will realise he is not a cold, distant fish, but a thoughtful man who loves children.