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an arthropod of the division Tardigrada

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Panarthropods are an animal group that include creatures such as tardigrades or water bears, velvet worms and arthropods, such as insects.
When the results of the sequencing came back, the Tokyo researchers found that the tardigrade genome was composed of more like 1.
Five hundred nineteen tardigrade specimens and 16 eggs were collected, representing nine genera and 18 species.
In its desiccated form, the tardigrade performs some life-saving functions.
Protists, nematodes, rotifers, small crustaceans, tardigrades, gastrotrichs, turbellarians, oligochaetes, and insect larvae are regularly found from psammon habitats (Thane-Fenchel, 1968; Whitman and Clark, 1984; Schmid-Araya, 1998, Kotwicki et al.
Effects of climate change on soil fauna; responses of Enchytraeids, Diptera larvae and tardigrades in a transplant experiment.
Oh, he answered, in a hurry to go elsewhere, "We are doing the gene sequencing of the protein in a tardigrade.
Tardigrade specimens and eggs were mounted on slides in polyvinyl lactophenol.
Paul Bartels, a biology professor at Warren Wilson College near Asheville, North Carolina, began leading the project's tardigrade research in 20oo with help from more than 50 students.
Voir A ce propos Cedric Demangeot, Bartlebricepety (Rotten: Tardigrade, 2010) et Billy Dranty, Ubu bu (Rotten: Tardigrade, 2008).
Over 960 species of marine, freshwater, and terrestrial tardigrade are known worldwide (Guidetti & Bertolani 2005; Degma & Guidetti 2007; Degma et al.
The specific challenge was simply described as: "water scarcity" Technique Result Functional Indexing Water purification WATER SCARCITY Water filtration Water collection Water storage Water transport Model Systems Lotus flower Kelp Ecosystem Namibian beetle Transpiration in trees Egg shell Camel Sweat and pant Leaf structure Tardigrade Inverted Function Evaporation WATER OVERUSE Leakage Flooding Reduce need of water
Alabama's Gadsden State Community College biology Instructor Susan Sewell recently attended the 11th International Tardigrade Symposium held in Tubingen, Germany.
Tardigrade distribution in a mediumsized city of central Argentina.