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a nervous disorder characterized by an uncontrollable impulse to dance

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uk It's a busy week for The Assembly with the Hawkwind Psychedelic Sunday this weekend featuring not just the aforementioned space cowboys but also Krankschaft, Tarantism, Banco De Gaia, the Lloyd-Langton Group and Man.
Over the centuries tarantism became the subject of medical studies.
In Part II, Hanna discusses sacred dance and its variants --possession, masking, exorcism and healing, tarantism, Balinese ketjak, ritual dances of the Samburu, the Review copies of new publications should be sent to Gigi Berardi, 2813 Summer Street, Bellingham, Washington 98225.
Ficino includes an analysis of tarantism in the De vita to illustrate the "Phoebean and medical" powers of music: his discussion is taken over by Agrippa in his De occulta philosophia, a text Gohory also knew well.
q Hebden Bridge, Trades Club "The Mental Elf Collective" present TARANTISM
The land of remorse; a study of Southern Italian tarantism.
A brief epilogue, "Problematizing the Category of 'Demonic Possession,'" points out that what was once viewed as possession could and did come to be interpreted as, variously, melancholy, ecstasy, enthusiasm, and poetic furor--not to mention epilepsy, tarantism, ventriloquism, stigmatism, and asthma.
Tarantism are at The Tanners Arms, Newcastle, on Thursday.
This kind of hysteria reached its peak with tarantism, a mythical illness that arose in Europe about 500 years ago.