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Synonyms for tarantella

music composed in six-eight time for dancing the tarantella

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a lively whirling Italian dance for two persons


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and Propalms Ltd, a United Kingdom-based leading security software distributor, announced today that they have signed a license agreement whereby Propalms has secured the worldwide exclusive distribution and source code rights for Tarantella Secure Global Desktop(TM) Terminal Services Edition (TSE) software other than Japan.
Leveraging its expertise in developing secure application access software, Tarantella has added the following capabilities to Secure Global Desktop TSE 4:
In just two short months, Secure Global Desktop TSE has vaulted into the spotlight as the ultimate companion to Windows Terminal Services, and the first true alternative to overly expensive and complex products," explained Steve Bannerman, Chief Marketing Officer, Tarantella Inc.
Tarantella has always supported Linux as an installation platform for Enterprise 3 software.
New features in Tarantella Enterprise 3, version 3.
Citrix is abusing its customer base," he claims, "but Tarantella has leading-edge technology and is dedicated to working with service providers like Veracicom.
The service provider market has emerged as one of the ideal markets for Tarantella and we are thrilled to expand our presence in this market with IBM," says Mick Adamson, general manager of the Tarantella Business Unit at SCO.
Specifically, Tarantella enables access to Unix, 3270 mainframe and Windows applications from a Java-enabled web browser or a Windows-based PC.
With its gaiety and charm, Bournonville's Napoli: Pas de Six and Tarantella brought the program to a lighthearted close.
NOTE: Tarantella, Secure Global Desktop and the Tarantella logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Tarantella, Inc.
Together, Sun and Tarantella let portal customers access their entire portfolio of corporate applications -- Windows, UNIX, mainframe, client/server, legacy and web-based applications -- securely over the Internet from a personalized portal desktop.
Tarantella Secure Global Desktop Software Installed on an IBM Linux Server Offers an Open Standards Linux-Based Solution for Secure Access to Applications and Data
today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement pursuant to which Sun will acquire Tarantella for a cash purchase price of $0.
Greeley, Chief Financial Officer, of Tarantella Inc.