tar pit

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a natural accumulation of bitumens at the surface of the earth

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Form Hypotheses Based on These Questions: Will a mammoth's foot sink faster into a warm tar pit or a cool one?
Hydrock workers at Llwyneinion tar pit in Rhosllannerchrugog
Caption: A pupa of a modern female leafcutter Megachile bee (left) has the same basic look as a Megachile male (right, CT scan) that dates to the Pleistocene, having been preserved in the La Brea Tar Pits.
Now, however, scientists are very excited about fossils found in a tar pit near Inciarte, in northwestern Venezuela.
There is a world of kitschy stuff here in which, like dinosaurs in a tar pit, America is mired and disappearing.
DC doesn't disappoint s rice that's my doomboy Conan and crew sludgin' it out, with even some haunting ambient drenescapes (CD only bonus trax) as added tidbits of duumversity (along with the mighty "Mammon" tar pit session).
So, too, is an administration so thoroughly unprepared and clueless that it relies on gut feelings and that fails to grasp, even after years of flailing in the tar pit of Iraq, the critical need to regain its focus and footing in the fight against al-Qaeda and global terrorism.
Having dug up the poor old rug-monsters from some tar pit somewhere, they have now managed to probe them in places mammoths shouldn't be probed and have extracted sperm, which may be useable.
I want to see if there is room in there for all of the manufacturing dinosaurs that are looking for a tar pit in which to fall.
But they did not rescue programmers from the tar pit.
This site, originally discovered by Lewis and Clark, once contained fossilized remains of mammoths attracted by a salt lick but then sucked into a tar pit for millennial preservation.
LaBrea is an open-source freeware application created by programmer Tom Liston that traps viruses in a tar pit, thus stopping or slowing down virus-related scans of IP addresses.
Then they sprouted gills, jumped into a tar pit, and waited for their momentum to carry them back into single-cell bliss.
But the essay quickly bogs down in a tar pit of questions explored several decades ago in Erich Auerbach's Mimesis.