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a heavy paper impregnated with tar and used as part of a roof for waterproofing

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The roof was covered in tar paper etched with the name of the manufacturer: Grace.
I was looking for some rocks to hold down some tar paper and there it was," she said.
The family house, which was built from timber and tar paper, was quickly ablaze.
As with many New York office buildings, the roof on 1185 consists of a permanent concrete deck covered by many layers of tar, tar paper, asphalt and stone.
With the onset of World War II, the national matches were again postponed and Camp Perry was soon pressed into use as a prisoner of war camp as literally hundreds of tar paper "hutments" were constructed to handle the influx of prisoners.
Open procedure for the award, in 5 lots adjudicated separately, of the contract: Lot 1: CIG 63426654BC - Services of collection, transport and selection with subsequent recovery of bulky material CER 200307; Lot 2: CIG 6342691A2F - service loading, transport and disposal of asbestos-containing waste (CER 170904), tar paper (CER 170903) and plasterboard (CER 170802); Lot 3: CIG 6342712B83 - service loading, transportation and unloading equipment through scarrabile of waste consisting of mixed packaging (CER 150106) from waste collection; Lot 4: CIG 634272998B - service loading, transport and recovery of waste treated consist of mixed packaging (CER 15.
The demolition will be preceded by an abatement of each structure to completely remove all asbestos containing materials such as exterior siding, roof shingles, tar paper, pipe wrap and interior floor tiles.
The top layer of tar paper and shingles were ripped off of the entire length of the roof.
The interior is lined with black tar paper and on this occasion housed I've got such a thing for you, a tabletop reliquary on which the expected flasks (green-tinted this time) are matched with a set of metal tubes and funnels, a large model tooth, and two clear crystals.
Accompanying the looped shorts is an unfurled roll of black tar paper that gracefully swoops down from the ceiling, creating a stage-like area in the center of the room.
It might only be a bunch of tar paper and shingles and nails, but to Dan and Jody Angier, it's everything right now.
After the trusses were screwed to the top plate, the 1" x 12" boards were attached, then the tar paper and the metal roofing were added.
At right, Adrian Lopez of Corson Roofing moves tar paper to be installed on the roof of a Woodland Hills home.
Our synthetic underlayment has become a cost-effective alternative off-the-shelf compared to traditional felt-based tar paper due to escalating oil prices.
With a swarm of bright explosions, then a minute of sparklers streaming and smoking in the wind (while flames rose from tar paper protecting the sandstone steps, and men sprinted up with extinguishers), followed by a few deafening booms, Fallen Blossoms: Explosion Project, 2009, provided a moment of communal distraction--and a surprisingly poetic rumination on the brevity of life.