tar paper

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a heavy paper impregnated with tar and used as part of a roof for waterproofing

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He saw them living in one-room shacks made of scrap wood, old shipping pallets, cardboard and tar paper, with no running water.
The lieutenant was helping me on the roof, rolling out tar paper and nailing it to the roof, when we heard a giant roar across the island.
Chalk on tar paper, white eyes and petals enormous.
The dead man carries water to the tar paper shacks.
The building, which was quite hot with our old tar paper roof, is much more comfortable.
At the Valli-Royale Apartment complex along Valleyheart Drive, south of the Los Angeles River channel, four cars washed up at the front of a driveway next to a two-story stucco building, having pushed into each other like Tonka toys, along with pieces of wood and tar paper from the collapsed carport in back.
The roof was covered in tar paper etched with the name of the manufacturer: Grace.
At the bottom, wrap tar paper around the whole enclosure and tie with twine.
They are also painted black and used as tar paper on roofs.
I was looking for some rocks to hold down some tar paper and there it was," she said.
The family house, which was built from timber and tar paper, was quickly ablaze.
I moved outside, where I covered the house in black tar paper.
As with many New York office buildings, the roof on 1185 consists of a permanent concrete deck covered by many layers of tar, tar paper, asphalt and stone.
Imagine driving 100 miles in a car taped with clear plastic to keep out the rain (your windshield 50 miles west of you) to purchase diapers, food, and tar paper.
With the onset of World War II, the national matches were again postponed and Camp Perry was soon pressed into use as a prisoner of war camp as literally hundreds of tar paper "hutments" were constructed to handle the influx of prisoners.