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a tavern keeper who taps kegs or casks


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Robson had played the tapster, in Boots at the Swan in 1857, to which a stage direction alludes when Mazeppa is treated as a servant by his rival the Count Palatine: "('a la Boots at the Swan') Pint of pale ale, sir?
Benita Tapster (nee Wilkinson), of Whinham Way, Morpeth, passed away on July 29.
was a taverner, a gentle gossippe and a tapster of wyne and ale a trustie bruer (17.
Alewife Alnager Armourer Baker Barber Brewer Cobbler Dragoman Fish-fag Hangman Lavender Mercer Midwife Minstrel Scrivener Sempster Smith Tapster Tinker Wakeman
Said one--"Folks of a surly tapster tell, And daub his visage with the smoke of hell; They talk of some strict testing of us--pish
The drunk's problems only begin as his tapster passes on to the land of the dead.
Wing Jamie Tapster, though, returned against Halifax for his first game of the season, scoring the opening try, and full-back Ed Smithies is also back in the fold which, according to Cole, could make a difference.
We walk the ancient Tapster Lane before rejoining the timeless canal.
Within a few decades, however, several anonymous fifteenth-century poets had contributed their own additions to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, and one of them provided a vivid comic description of the pilgrims' sightseeing activities after their arrival in Canterbury, most memorably of the Pardoner's misadventures with a tapster, or barmaid, named Kit.
Steve Parsons powered over on the right wing, with James Tapster repeating the process on the left, replacement kicker Mark Chester adding one of the conversions.
1592-1594), which is generally thought to be a 'bad' quarto, either of Shakespeare's The Shrew or of a lost play that was the source of The Shrew, (30) its opening direction clearly indicates that a stage door was used as a fictional door: 'Enter a Tapster, beating out of his doores Slie Droonken" (Q1, A2r).
James Tapster, Parsons and Mark Erven made it five.
Caroline Tapster then says "there is no evidence to suggest that the removal of Watford fire station's second pump at night will have a negative impact on the lives of anyone in Watford.
Amos Tutuola's Palm Wine Drinkard never brings his tapster back from Deadstown, but he does bring the egg.
This drawer is not a tapster who "draws" ale in a tavern; he is the draughrsman who quite literally "draws" the image or motif to be embroidered onto either a reusable pattern or the fabric itself, as Cripple does on the women's hankies.