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(military) signal to turn the lights out

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Try the taps with the bathroom suite to check they're the right style and size - it's especially important that the basin tap's in proportion to the basin.
FIX A LEAKY TAP DRIPPING taps are not only annoying, they also waste water, which wastes money if you have a water meter.
You don't need to spend a fortune to get good taps but it can be false economy to buy really cheap ones because a tap has working parts and those parts can fail if they're poor quality.
There's nothing worse than a tap that's more a dribble than a deluge, do consider your home's water system before you buy.
by Times News Service Tap dancing is usually performed in theatrical dance routines.
But make sure you fit quality taps to help to prevent spray and leakage - which means wasted water
Between bites I bobbed my head to a series of imaginary tap tap tap, tap tap tap, tap tap taps, even though bobbing at breakfast is prohibited.
These taps are designed for through-hole applications and do not promote chip clearance.
Lynn Dally, founder and artistic director of the Jazz Tap Ensemble, believes otherwise.
The newsmagazine continues, "Coke's Dasani (with minerals added) is taken from the taps of Queens, New York, Jacksonville, Florida, and elsewhere.
During the summer we tag selected trees, noting the number of taps each will support based on trunk diameter and healthy crown size.
Edna taps the 'pot" with a "wooden spoon": "TAP, TAP, TAP.
High bottoms generally occur from one or a combination of ft following practices: melting a long run of high carbon heats, using excessive material when shovel patching bottom and banks between heats, excessive rebounds from gunite material normally applied to the slag line between heats) and a high tap hole will not allow the furnace to drain property.
This new, super-compact, copper-based Slim Tap has been developed to optimize rack space; up to six Slim Taps can be installed in a single rack unit panel.
PICKING new bath and basin taps is about more than just how they look - there are practical considerations to take note of too 1.