tapioca pudding

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sweet pudding thickened with tapioca

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Spoon some tablespoons of tapioca pudding to look like frog spawn into the jelly and decorate the surface with the leaf shapes and upturned grape halves.
Dessert time was homey: We took tapioca pudding and strawberry shortcake.
From Pumpkin Waffles and Savory Spinach Pie to Chocolate Tapioca Pudding and Pineapple Upside Down Cake, this breaks down gluten-free special ingredients and surveys how they affect a recipe's texture and flavor.
The "North of Southwest" menu includes chocolate tacos that combine deep cocoa with a touch of cayenne (a nearly fat-free recipe featuring easily handled skillet-cooked and cocoa-rich taco shells loaded with fresh fruit), jicama slaw (not chocolate) as well as a margarita tapioca pudding topped with fruit and a chocolate-tequila-lime-sorbet.
Cut it open (maybe while holding your nose) and you'll find a white, creamy pulp that looks a little like custard or tapioca pudding.
The guy going back for seconds on tapioca pudding at Sizzler.
Friday: Taco salad, macaroni salad, tapioca pudding.
Tapioca pudding with long-life cream epitomised arrival in Hell, while firmly set pineapple jelly was LimboOs Dish of the Century [ETH] ODead from NorwichO as the makers of Nicholas ParsonsO programme used to say.
To simulate the taste of caviar, take some tapioca pudding and add copious amounts of salt.
Up to 1 day ahead: Make noodle salad through step 2, curry sauce for fish through step 2, and tapioca pudding.
SUPERMARKET chain Sainsbury's is launching an environmentally- friendly carrier bag made from tapioca starch - the same product found in tapioca pudding.
You will smile (or, in my case, gag) at the memories of 'frogspawn' tapioca pudding served up at school dinners.
Build a display that features many classic comfort foods, such as soup, tapioca pudding, chocolate, flavored coffee and tea, old-fashioned oatmeal, cookies, crackers, and trail mix.