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Synonyms for tapestry

something that resembles a tapestry in its complex pictorial designs

a heavy textile with a woven design


a wall hanging of heavy handwoven fabric with pictorial designs


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Tapestry Solutions, a business unit of Boeing Global Services, has teamed with Qatar-based Mannai Corporation as well as Accenture and Oracle.
The loan of the Tapestry will form part of a wider cultural exchange taking place between Britain and France over the next four years and marks a key milestone in the celebration of our shared history.
The British Museum would be "honoured and delighted" to display the tapestry if it comes to the UK, its director has said.
The PM told MPs: "It is very significant that the Bayeux Tapestry is coming to the UK and people are going to be able to see this.
The announcement, a day before French President Emmanuel Macron is due to visit Britain for talks with Prime Minister Theresa May, was greeted with enthusiasm in Britain where the tapestry has powerful historical resonance.
This means that whilst the tapestry can be viewed in natural light, it is under ultraviolet light that its narratives assume wholly different appearances, and--according to the artist--moral and theological nuances.
The final designs have been completed for the first 10 panels of The Tapestry of Renfrewshire and these are now to be handed over to various groups for stitching with colourful thread.
includes lectures on 17th-century tapestry and Barberini's Rome by international scholars.
Lynn Rylance, English Herit age area manager for the North East, said: "We're delighted to welcome the Kids' Tapestry to Belsay to help with English Her itage's 950th anniversary cele brations at the Battle of Hast ings.
As well as there being different styles of dorm tapestries to choose from, there are plenty of dorm room decorating opportunities with a dorm tapestry as part of a college dorm checklist.
The 143m tapestry is the largest embroidered tapestry in the world.
Synopsis: Cruising the Latin Tapestry is part travelogue and part adventure story.
In an effort to save their house, Granny is having a tapestry authenticated to show it came from Morris's workshop.
Scots living around the world are sewing their amazing family stories together to help create a giant tapestry.