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becoming gradually narrower

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The tapered form of the rolling elements ensures optimum rolling characteristics.
The tapered surfaces and the base area of the model have been fully populated with a grid of pressure tappings (Figure 5) These tappings cover the entire model base to allow for any asymmetry to be characterized.
The tapered group was given prescriptions for NSAIDs, an antiemetic, a sleeping aid, and clonidine to manage opioid withdrawal.
Launched in December 2014, Tapered Plus is an independent roof design business that provides roof designs and materials and has developed an app to make it easier for their clients, building contractors and individuals to design and approve their ideal roof anytime and anywhere on their laptop, tablet or mobile.
This paper deals with the full range of angles of the multimode tapered dielectric probe.
It is commonly assumed that the average R-value of tapered insulation is equivalent to the R-value of its average thickness (Graham 1995; PIMA).
The paper presents the dynamic modeling of a tapered rotor-bearing system.
Inkmann `Q' meet at Belmont Plaza, setting five CCAT age-group records and two overall club marks, despite not being tapered for the four-day competition.
The tapered end of the house is just wide enough to accommodate a back door leading to a pocket size patch of ground with a single tree that could conceivably qualify as Tokyo's smallest garden.
Further, the sprue, if tapered correctly, also could be the choke in a non-pressurized system.
All-metal NILOS-Rings offer space-saving sealing protection for tapered roller bearings, which traditionally have been difficult to seal cost-effectively.
Also, spindle cleaners are available for all tapered spindles.
In the tapered chamber, the specular reflections are not eliminated but instead used to obtain a far-field condition at the location of the antenna under test.
Only a handful of gunsmiths have the ability to cut a tapered octagon barrel.
The fiber sensors that arise from tapering the single-mode optical fibers are coupler sensors, biconically tapered bend sensors and evanescent wave sensors where the transmission through the tapered region depends on the index refraction of the external medium.