taper off

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Synonyms for taper off

end weakly

become smaller or less active

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As for Thursday, downpours will taper off but it will remain extremely cold with fog and frost formation across the Kingdom including the Jordan Valley with easterly light winds .
At the same time, nonferrous market penetration will slow down as production costs increase and markets taper off.
Coupled with rising interest rates, industry experts have expected things to taper off but are confident the ``bubble'' won't burst, at least locally where a limited inventory has been feeding demand.
However, the deaths didn't taper off with the pollen density or distance from the field.
With the consummation of a number of deals by the end of the year and with many more on the table, availabilities and opportunities in this location will taper off.
Housing Construction is Likely to Level off This Year; Builder Incentives Expected to Taper off, Making First Quarter a Great Time to Buy
Some relief is expected beginning Monday when the highs will taper off into the mid-90s.
Over 11 weeks, doctors tried to taper off the patients' steroid dosage while keeping inflammation at bay.
Mobile growth will begin to taper off as the market approaches saturation.
The heavy rains may taper off briefly Saturday, but will resume Sunday and Monday as a cold storm originating in the Pacific Northwest trails the first system.
The wobbles occurring when Hubble moves into darkness take 4 to 6 minutes to taper off, while those initiated when the telescope returns to light last about 20 minutes, says Edward Weiler of NASA headquarters in Washington, D.
Forecasts for the 2005 residential real estate market call for sales to taper off this year's expected record pace and annual appreciation to retreat from the current 20 percent range to the midteens, then into the low teens.
Scientists suspect that its production begins to taper off in many people after age 40, leading to some characteristic signs of aging, including increased fat deposition, decreased muscle mass and thinner skin.
Vintage delinquency rates are expected to rise for the first eight years of seasoning and then taper off, similar to historical loan default performance.