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Always takes notes and/or tape-record the clinic sessions so that you can share the good stuff with your staff.
Sometimes, I'd tape-record him and play him the lovely nose music the next morning, thinking he would be break into profuse apologies and offer to cut off his nose for me.
IN an article by Howard Wright in the Racing Post on July 5 entitled 'RCA and Savill in widening rift'-an article for which I was surprisingly not asked for a comment-the chairman of the Racecourse Association mischievously implies that I was in some way involved in the request by David McHarg, clerk of the course at Plumpton, to tape-record the Southern Area meeting of the RCA.
The letter was prompted by an article in the Racing Post on Monday, reporting a disagreement involving Plumpton executives and Racecourse Association members over a request to tape-record a Southern Area meeting of the RCA.
The station has conducted training in community relations, Rodriguez said, and deputies now tape-record their interactions with residents.