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How does the RCA reconcile its indignation over a request to tape-record its meeting with the tape-recording of a BHB press conference on Fixtures 2000 at York on May 12 by the vice-chairman of the RCA for which approval was neither requested nor given?
The letter was prompted by an article in the Racing Post on Monday, reporting a disagreement involving Plumpton executives and Racecourse Association members over a request to tape-record a Southern Area meeting of the RCA.
The station has conducted training in community relations, Rodriguez said, and deputies now tape-record their interactions with residents.
The only recommendation by the inspector general that has not been put in place is to tape-record all complaints made by telephone to the front desks of police stations.
Claiming they are being shortchanged by county negotiators, court reporters held a one-day strike Thursday, forcing judges to tape-record proceedings or continue cases on the calendar.