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We don't have tape recorders, but we have digital voice recorders," he said and went on to explain how they worked and also to quote me the prices.
For example, spend time waiting in line dictating thoughts into a tape recorder.
he turn off the tape recorder press the rewind button walk out on the porch wave to his nephew lock the door behind him
Ampex withdrew from the professional audio tape recorder market in 1983.
He owned one of the very first portable tape recorders.
19 /PRNewswire/ -- Pat Dinizio, singer & songwriter of the Smithereens, took home Buddy Holly's reel-to-reel Ampex tape recorder in 1990 for $15,000.
This year the one character every gay man wanted to know better was Ryan Tripp, son of that woolly mammoth with a tape recorder.
But after we got settled, I took out my tape recorder and placed it on his desk and said very carefully, "I hope you don't mind if I tape this interview, Mr.
And he told a social work conference in Aviemore: "Every policeman should have a voice- activated, slim-line tape recorder to replace the traditional Victorian notebook.
He went on to give disingenuous testimony about how he didn't realize that the green light under the Fed's board room microphones meant that a tape recorder was operating in the room next door--precisely what was happening.
This time, she had fellow scientist Bill Langbauer put a super-sensitive tape recorder in the elephant pens.
What is involved in the job is basically finding out where your campaign opponent will be, show up with a tape recorder and try to be as invisible as possible - which is not easy in ongoing campaigns such as we have seen for mayor.
Cindy Schreiber, from the Columbia School of Journalism, raced to the scene, her tape recorder in hand.
After placing plants in a giant grid, researchers raced after pollinators and muttered into a tape recorder the ID number of each plant visited.
Working with a pianist and a ballet mistress, he says, will be "more fun than just me and a tape recorder.