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Do you sell tape recorders " I made the mistake of asking the youth behind the counter at the electronic shop.
I never take notes, and I never use tape recorders or anything like that in my reportorial work.
I had never heard of newspapers not being allowed to use their tape recorders at something like this.
By turning the tape recorder into a constant companion, the diarists take this process a step further.
The tape recorder was wrapped in bubble packaging, which created enough bulk for the consultants to want to open the package to see why it was so heavy.
The defense argued that a thorough cross-examination regarding the tape recorder was essential to show that the recorder could have been manipulated by the informant.
They also added new battery components and a solid-state tape recorder and upgraded the telescope's guidance system.
I had a portable tape recorder with the music recorded the way we use it, and while we were on the bus, Ms.
But Burtt's most essential tool is the common tape recorder.
And, at the risk of sounding anecdotal, I would argue that one of the demons in this drama is the tape recorder.
What about this Florida couple who just happen to be heavily involved in Democratic fundraising, and just happen to have a police scanner in their car, and just happen to tape a conference call they pick up off a cell phone with a tape recorder they just happen to be packing at the time?
l'm never without a small tape recorder in my pocket so I can use the downtime spent in line to dictate thoughts.
Seeing TV coverage of two Black garbage men who returned the $4,000 in cash they found to the owner or young black men walking down the street, hearing a woman crying in the next-door hotel room or hip hop sampling on his nephew's car radio, overhearing two young black men in the metro talking about using an Uzi to rob Sears, or talking with a group of women in an elevator - to name but a few events - moves Junior Baby to start his tape recorder and record another poem-chapter of his vernacular wit, occasional blues, historical remembrances, and calls to live by the ethical values of a beautiful and powerful black manhood and humanhood.
The patient goes about his or her usual daily activities while wearing a small, portable tape recorder that connects to the disks on the patient's chest.
Use a tape recorder or have someone video tape you so you can hear yourself as others hear you.