tansy ragwort

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widespread European weed having yellow daisylike flowers

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By the 1980s, golden tansy ragwort flea beetles, cinnabar moths and seed head flies had largely decimated the weed's Western Oregon population.
Non-chemical controls of tansy ragwort and other noxious weeds have been so successful that City Light has applied no herbicide to its 180 miles of powerline right-of-ways for the past three years.
You can save the life of a horse, sheep or cow by pulling up the tansy ragwort now blooming in fields and along highways and roads, even railroads.
Grier said he tries to avoid using pesticides, but some instances - infestations of tansy ragwort, Canadian thistle, Scotch broom and other weeds - leave him with no choice but to spray.
Other days are filled with Paula spinning yarn on a spinning wheel (`Your hands are busy but your mind can think," she wrote); sorting out bull calves to run through the chute for castration; cutting down nasty tansy ragwort, a noxious weed that's poisonous to livestock; playing with the four grandchildren they have together; or watching a new calf bond with its mama.