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a Chinese puzzle consisting of a square divided into seven pieces that must be arranged to match particular designs

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10 June 2015 - Korean mobile lifestyle platform company Daum Kakao has acquired a 51% stake in Korean UX design agency Tangram Design Lab, the company said.
A tangram is made by dividing a large square into seven smaller pieces: a rhomboid, a square and five triangles.
Michael Henssler, CEO of Beijing Tangram Hotel Management Co Ltd, said: "Tangram is about a contemporary lifestyle at an affordable price, for local travellers with global awareness.
Cities include Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Doha, Riyadh, Cairo, Tripoli, Fez, Nairobi, and Casablanca among other first and second tier cities of the region, a statement from Tangram said.
Young children often manipulate tangrams to make shapes or copy shapes, while more advanced students spend more time discovering proportions of shapes of tangram pieces.
For elementary and drama teachers of students in grades two through six, as well as teaching artists, De La Casas, an author, storyteller, and teaching artist, brings together tales from around the world that she adapted to incorporate the Tangrams puzzle, meant to combine the teaching of math and language arts.
A tangram is a set of seven paper or plastic shapes that the player uses to build shapes of all kinds.
Editor's note: Years ago I found a delightful book titled A Tangram Tale that tells the story of the Willow pattern plate, using tangram-figures.
Tangram games can be played in many different ways, in groups or by individuals.
The readers' task was to read each description and then select the matching tangram from a group of similar-looking tangrams.
The Warlord's Puzzle is a new version of the old tangram story.
Trying to create the more than 500 shapes to be formed with these seven tangram pieces makes this a brain-teasing game that can be played solo or with a companion.
App Store's First-Ever Three-Dimensional Tangram Game
The most common one is the tangram as shown in Figure 6.
Tangram sets can be cut from squares of tagboard for classroom use or purchased from many educational publishers.