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Synonyms for tangle

Synonyms for tangle

to twist together so that separation is difficult

to make complex, intricate, or perplexing

to gain control of or an advantage over by or as if by trapping

something that is intricately and often bewilderingly complex

Synonyms for tangle

a twisted and tangled mass that is highly interwoven

something jumbled or confused


Related Words

force into some kind of situation, condition, or course of action

tangle or complicate

disarrange or rumple

Related Words

twist together or entwine into a confusing mass

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Further observations on the first stages of sheet construction, the site of the first filling in of the sheet, the apparent attaching movements during sheet construction, as well as the significance of the frequent returns to the retreat during tangle construction and the possibility that different lines are laid under systematically different tensions (Lamoral 1968) are all needed.
garden, Tangle has never heard of such a key, as the "heathen"
China News Service made no mention about the level of mercury found in the 23 boxes of tangle imported from Japan.
In the full implementation of TANGLE there are only a few language-dependent details, and almost all of them come up only in lexical analysis.
The inventor of the Tangle Preventer now seeks a third party licensee to manufacture, market, and distribute the product for him under a royalty agreement.
They owe their quick wits to a lack of fibrous tangles which normally make an appearance in the brain late in life.
In an attempt to address these problems, the Tangle Free 2 Dog Leash has been developed.
Plaques and tangles are appearing abnormally early in life, apparently initiated or accelerated by a single TBI," he added.
D-Tangle has made its debut at GITEX Technology Week 2017 asking the question: if headphones always tangle and shoelaces always untie, why don't we make shoelaces out of headphones and vice-versa?
com)-- An innovative and highly useful new product targeted at the billions of cell phone users worldwide, the No More Tangle, has been developed by inventor Damon J.
Spangle Tangle kit is designed for children with low vision.
At the moment I'm mostly doing zen tangle or tangle patterns.
TWO things cause me to suffer terrible tangle rage.
in a tangle To make a woman, you must first wring her neck,