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the state of being tangent

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(electronics) a junction where things (as two electrical conductors) touch or are in physical contact

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By reducing SSDI benefits by a small amount (W- D), the work-capable beneficiary would work as much as he wants above SGA along DD', the most preferred choice being the tangency point of the indifference curve [IC.
4th contact: a little passing cloud interfered at the crucial moment, so I failed to fix the instant of external tangency.
First, therapeutic intention/prayer research and meditation studies are two different vectors of research, albeit with some tangency.
Anyhow, there was launched in scholasticism, or at least intimated, through the concept of univocity of being as well a direct link between humanity and the God, which bid fair for the natural sciences as they were promised a tangency with God even in their staying within the finite domain of knowledge.
The resulting tangency point denotes the possibility having the highest utility, which at the moment possesses the following characteristics: p = 0.
The same may be said for Hamermesh's colander and ball experiment to cognize tangency condition with the long-run average cost curve, and David Landsburg's method of changing points and curvature in microeconomics.
To avoid this problem, a discrete jump occurs in intermediate textbooks from mathematically tractable production functions used to illustrate firm optimization (shown by the tangency between isocosts and isoquants) to the multiple-economies-of-scale average cost functions (shown in Figure 5).
2) There is no single tangency portfolio applicable to all investors.
Due to a rough edge of the mesh free edge tolerance was set to higher value of 1mm, also the full internal tangency was checked.
This paper attempts to explore the tangency that drives his professional accomplishments.
This result is logical, because NC is a tangency method so that a prominent tone in a particular octave band would raise the NC value by raising the tangency point.
We need to shake them out of the simple, rote, automatic attractiveness of finding points of tangency between indifference curves and budget constraints.
theta] = Angle measured from the point of tangency between bend and straight section of wall