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Synonyms for tandem

an arrangement of two or more objects or persons one behind another

a bicycle with two sets of pedals and two seats

one behind the other


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Tandem surfing is like pairs figure skating - technical and graceful,'' said Steve Boehne, 51, a successful surfboard maker and one of California's most respected tandem surfers.
The function of the lower tandem mixer is to accept the hot batch and to cool it prior to addition and incorporation and dispersion of the curatives.
Barry Kostiner, CEO of Platinum Energy, added, "We continue to be enthusiastic about using the Tandem acquisition as a platform for applying hedge financing techniques to increase returns and lock in profits.
JER is very pleased to be working with such outstanding operating and investment partners such as Tandem and Formation Capital as we continue to strategically invest in the senior care industry.
The company has leveraged that depth of knowledge and experience to bring to market the following products for Tandem.
Tandem was prompted to try TelAlert, having chosen to install Unicenter as the event's management tool this year as well as last.
develops, markets and supports system software products that enhance the operation and management of Tandem computer systems.
While Tandem host systems do not provide the same channel capabilities as IBM mainframes, multiple LAN connections can be almost as effective.
is a privately-held software development company, specializing in products and services for the Tandem computer market.
To meet the stringent availability requirements of the telecommunications industry, and to enable service providers to start small and grow while protecting the initial investment, Wildfire has gained early access to Tandem NonStop Clusters for SCO UnixWare.
According to Larry Schwartz, Vice President and General Manager, Telecommunications Division, Tandem, a Compaq company, "Tandem's new Windows NT Server-based platform further advances our strategy to provide telecommunications customers with a choice of highly reliable, scalable, and open platforms based on each customer's particular requirements.
today announced that it will offer its Wireless Location Services(tm) products on the newly introduced NonStop(R) Himalaya(R) S-series Intelligent Network Server (INS) by Tandem, a Compaq company.
The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong's trading systems are powered by four Tandem K20016 nodes, with additional K10000 and S70000 machines supporting Year 2000 and development activities, respectively.
Extending its leadership position in the global wireless intelligent network (IN) market, Tandem, a Compaq company, has been awarded a multimillion-dollar contract to deploy its home location register (HLR) and authentication center into Mexico-based Grupo IUSACELL's digital wireless network.