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press down tightly

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Netanyahu, Abbas and other people in positions of power need to "try to tamp down rhetoric that may feed violence or anger or misunderstanding," Obama said.
NCA is following it [Prop 65] very closely and taking every opportunity to work with the governors office in California, the legislature and the state health agencies to try to help to tamp down the impact of the law," said Joseph DeRupo, director, external relations and communications, NCA.
But with the use of plastic bags turning more rampant than ever -- in fact, authorities concede there are no up-to-date figures on yearly consumption levels -- the ministry is moving to tamp down on this widespread practice.
Fill with good seed compost, tamp down, then distribute the seed evenly on its surface.
The Fed is unlikely to tip its hand about when it may begin to scale back its bond-buying programme, but policymakers still may be inclined to try to tamp down recent volatility in financial markets with some mention of the issue.
Earlier on Tuesday, North Korea's leader appeared to tamp down hostile rhetoric that had threatened impending war with the United States and South Korea.
STOMP: At halftime, spectators are invited onto the field for "divot stomping," to tamp down the chunks of turf kicked up by the horses.
More recently, though, as Turkey finds itself in a not-unexpected shooting war with Syria, the administration has tried hard to tamp down Turkish expectations of American support, the report said.
Cancellation of observances to mark 40 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries will be assessed by most people as a symbolic act, but matters can get worse if the two nations do not tamp down provocations in language and deed.
As of Tuesday morning, Paul reportedly sought to tamp down expectations after polls showed former Utah Gov.
I don't know what the Gruut is doing for the beer, but it does seem to tamp down the sweetness, and give it balance.
These overtures have only served to tamp down students' academic achievements.
The review will gauge whether Obama's 30,000-troop surge, ordered a year ago, is working to tamp down the stubborn insurgency and train Afghans to take control of their own security.
This weekend's semi-annual meetings of the IMF and World Bank -- and a Friday night session of Group of Seven finance chiefs -- are expected to provide a forum for intense discussions about efforts to persuade China to let its currency rise and tamp down pressures for other emerging countries to control capital flows.
Al-Hariri, speaking at a conference of his Future Movement party on Saturday, tried to tamp down fears that Hezbollah's announcement will spark sectarian violence in Lebanon.