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plain-woven (often glazed) fabric of wool or wool and cotton used especially formerly for linings and garments and curtains

a woolen cap of Scottish origin

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v=4HeN3bTuWw0) The Domenick Nati Show , Tammy reflected on her marriage with the rapper and explained how different things are between them since all the drama transpired.
So it is left to Tammy and his family to decide where he wants to go next.
But the business is not a new name for the town, as it was officially "born" two years ago when Tammy opened a unit within the town's Enterprise Arcade.
Ten years ago, their six year old stepsister Tammy drowned in the bath tub from a prank gone horribly wrong.
From a wee tammy bunnet as we wanted something Scottish for our wee girl.
Mum-of-three Tammy, 35, was found dead in bed at her Stockbridge Village home by her nine-year-old daughter on New Year's Day - leaving her 33-year-old sister, Kimberley Jones, to look after her children.
The lawsuit filed by Tammy Darvish could always be settled out of court prior to the July 11 trial date.
Even so, Tammy and husband Michael didn't want to jump into anything.
Tammy went online in a bid to find her beau - who she believes is called Mike and had a red-headed pal.
He Walks with Me is an album of gospel songs recorded by Tammy Jones from Tregarth near Bangor.
Alas, McCarthy's golden touch doesn't extend to scriptwriting because Tammy Alas, McCarthy's golden touch doesn't extend to scriptwriting because Tammy is a hotch-potch of half-formed characters and ideas.
And you thought we were talking about Tammy, the character -- played by lovable Melissa McCarthy in her first venture as producer, star and co-writer with husband Ben Falcone.
Tammy Duckworth was growing up, she knew she wanted to serve her country.
His 23-year-old wife Tammy visits each day, sitting with him after receiving the grim prognosis from medical experts - that Jon has zero brain activity and is unlikely to ever
Offerman, 40, wants Winfrey, 57, to play his onscreen character Ron Swanson's former wife Tammy as she is the only person "intimidating enough" to take on Ron's second wife, also called Tammy and played by Megan Mullally.