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an animal trainer who tames wild animals

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In the time of Pernety (1763), all the birds there appear to have been much tamer than at present; he states that the Opetiorhynchus would almost perch on his finger; and that with a wand he killed ten in half an hour.
Not that Tom was moulded on the spoony type of the Industrious Apprentice; he had a very strong appetite for pleasure,--would have liked to be a Tamer of horses and to make a distinguished figure in all neighboring eyes, dispensing treats and benefits to others with well-judged liberality, and being pronounced one of the finest young fellows of those parts; nay, he determined to achieve these things sooner or later; but his practical shrewdness told him that the means no such achievements could only lie for him in present abstinence and self-denial; there were certain milestones to be passed, and one of the first was the payment of his father's debts.
To pierce the great mountains of the south, to fight the tamers of the fiery Moors, to follow the greatest captain of the age, to find sunny cornfields and vineyards, when the marches of Picardy and Normandy were as rare and bleak as the Jedburgh forests--here was a golden prospect for a race of warriors.
Muscat: Egyptian singing sensation Tamer Hosny, one of the most popular vocalists in the Arab World, performed live during the 'Muscat Festival Concert' at the City Amphitheater in Muscat on Wednesday night.
Bassma Boussel JEDDAH: Bassma Boussel, the wife of Egyptian pop star Tamer Hosny, shared new photos in which she looked completely different.
Hollywood hardman Tamer Hassan says he took Rupert Grint under his wing for new TV series Snatch.
The new song is a collaboration between renowned Egyptian actress Youssra, singer and composer Abu, and songwriter Tamer Habib.
Insanely popular Egyptian singer Tamer Hosny is now in vogue.
Over at BuzzFeed , you can find a short story by Syrian master craftsman Zakariya Tamer, translated and illustrated by the artist and memoirist Molly Crabapple:
Has Gold finally met his match in the form of The Mule Tamer and his wild Mexican bride, or will this be the end of the finest law enforcement team the land has ever known?
NNA - Army Command - Guidance Directorate issued a communiquA' on Tuesday announcing that a soldier was martyred and the wanted Abdel Rahman Ahmad Tamer was killed during an Army raid in Bhannine village - Akkar.
And celeb Tamer Hassan, "star of such films as Football Factory and Dead Man Running" (oh, THAT Tamer Hassan) on fishing: "I can't think of anything worse.
With an air of confidence, Hollywood actor Tamer Hassan energetically strides into our offices, extending a friendly hand and an aura of self certainty.
Hollow-core braid, such as the new Toro Tamer Spliceable Braid ($229-$249 for 1,000 yards), makes for seamless connections: Monofilament slides into the braid, and is finished with waxed rigging thread and cement.
com)-- Author Dr Tamer Shaban has written "Cupping Therapy Encyclopedia" book which is the third version of the complete guide to cupping therapy book and published it on createspace.