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any shrub or small tree of the genus Tamarix having small scalelike or needle-shaped leaves and feathery racemes of small white or pinkish flowers

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This project is funded through a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Developing the Next Generation of Conservationists grant, awarded to Tamarisk Coalition on behalf of the Desert Rivers Collaborative, a multi-stakeholder partnership focused on improving riparian habitat along the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers.
Phiras Soubra, Managing Director of Tamarisk Investments said, "It's exciting to play such a role in the growth and development of SMEs, and nowhere is it more relevant than in our part of the world.
Most parks manage tamarisk aggressively; on state lands, biologists have released beetles that feed on and kill the green invaders.
Freedman had heard a jazz musician lived at Tamarisk.
On Saturday, dozens of volunteers from the Community Hiking Club will attack a wall of tamarisk in Pico Canyon west of Santa Clarita.
Tamarisk trees were introduced to America from the Mediterranean in the mid-1800s.
PLUMES of pink give a delicate feathered effect to tamarisk pentandra - one of the toughest shrubs in the garden.
Inspired by the great "Shingle Style" mansions of Newport, Rhode Island, Tamarisk Enriched Assisted Living, while considerable in size, retains the look and spirit of residents' individual homes through an array of interior and exterior "personal spaces," which are thoughtfully proportioned and splendidly detailed.
Mahavir Singh, 27, left his home in Tamarisk Way, Gateshead, on December 4.
A few months ago it was a horizontal stroke of white floating above the infinite plane of grass deep within the gated Tamarisk country club.
Bermuda's windswept northern coastline is protected from spray by non-native tamarisk trees.
She will be joined in the six-furlong contest by Peter Makin's Sartorial (Seb Sanders) and the Roger Charlton-trained Tamarisk (John Reid), who was sixth behind Misty Eyed at Ascot.
Tote opened their book with 3 Nuclear Debate, 6 Danehurst, 8 Dietrich, 9 Cassandra Go, 10 Kier Park, Tamarisk, 11 Bertolini, 12 Astonished, 14 bar.
Windsor's new three day Festival meeting gets underway tomorrow and the highlight of the opening day should be the Tote Scoop6 Leisure Stakes and victory could go to Tamarisk.