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Arthur and Maria are the first cotton-top tamarins at Chester Zoo for over a decade.
In this sense, it appears that the distribution of the black tamarin is delimited to the south by the large rivers and also the open vegetation and more seasonal climate of the Cerrado (Fig.
Mamma, the cotton-top tamarin, |with her healthy twins
The research concluded that the tamarins reduced their vocalization amplitude in the context of exposure to a potential threat.
We compared adult and young tamarin vocalizations showing similar graphic isomorphy (Fig.
Teie, a composer and cellist, used traits from calls that tamarins made in response to both stressful and calming situations to compose cello and voice music designed especially for monkeys.
Previous studies have found that cotton-top tamarin fathers and adult helpers lose weight after infants' birth, which has been related with the costs of carrying the infants, even in captivity (Achenbach & Snowdon, 2002; Sanchez, Pelaez, Gil-Burman, & Kaumanns, 1999; Sanchez, Pelaez, Morcillo, & Gil-Burman, 2005).
The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of the golden lion tamarin (Leontopithecus rosalia) as a seed disperser in a forest fragment of the Atlantic forest in south-east Brazil, assessing the effects of gut passage on percentage and speed (rate) of seed germination, and whether or not they act as seed predators.
Tamarin monkeys normally live in the rainforests of Colombia in South America, which are being destroyed.
Ammo, Avenue, Blue on Blue, Buddha's Belly, Chaya Brasserie, Chaya Venice, Falcon, Grace, Granita, Jar, La Boheme, L'Orangerie, Little Door, Lucques, Luna Park, Meson G, Michael's, Minibar, Monsoon, Norman's, Oceanfront, One Pico, Pearl Dragon, Sona, Tamarin, Valentino, Villa Sorriso, Voda, Whist and Yu.
Rats can tell two languages apart from speech cues, joining humans and Tamarin monkeys in having such abilities, according to a group of Spanish neuroscientists.
Later, the Greenman has an interaction with an endangered golden lion tamarin monkey (a doll), whose shit, which is crucial to the production of certain antibiotics, is used to lubricate the driveshaft the Greenman masturbates on.
Several highly attenuated viruses developed mutations in 2C that increased their virulence in a single passage through a tamarin monkey.
One species, the black lion tamarin, was feared extinct until it was rediscovered in 1970, its numbers now believed to hover around 1,000.
A project deep in Brazil's Atlantic Forest has brought the russet-maned golden lion tamarin back from the brink of extinction.