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Ruiz-Miranda wants golden lion tamarins to thrive in the forest.
The cotton-top tamarin is considered one of the world's most endangered primates and is one of the smallest.
A group of cotton-top tamarins were being studied to learn more about their use of human-directed mobbing calls, but scientists saw that when a disliked member of zoo staff entered their habitation, the primates communicated with each other using "low amplitude vocalizations," the Independent reported.
Tamarin calls are higher pitched than human voices and use faster tempos.
Tamarin monkeys normally live in the rainforests of Colombia in South America, which are being destroyed.
Rats can tell two languages apart from speech cues, joining humans and Tamarin monkeys in having such abilities, according to a group of Spanish neuroscientists.
Later, the Greenman has an interaction with an endangered golden lion tamarin monkey (a doll), whose shit, which is crucial to the production of certain antibiotics, is used to lubricate the driveshaft the Greenman masturbates on.
Oregon's New Network," by Christopher Tamarin, telecommunications coordinator for the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department.
Several highly attenuated viruses developed mutations in 2C that increased their virulence in a single passage through a tamarin monkey.
The squirrel-sized tamarin has been brought back from the brink of extinction through a global captive breeding effort, and is one of the few primates that have been successfully reintroduced to their natural environment.
Local 1 President Henry Tamarin said, "Madeline Haithcock has done nothing to help settle the strike in her ward.
The spring arrivals include two sets of ringtailed lemur twins, golden lion tamarin twins, a yellow capuchin monkey and a pied tamarin.
BELFAST Zoo is celebrating Movember with a bit of a twist - thanks to the arrival of a baby emperor tamarin monkey.
The zoo is home to some of the worlds most unique animals, from the small Tamarin monkeys to beautiful brown bears as well as a pair of little snow leopards.
They took two female and one baby cotton-top tamarin, which are a critically endangered species, and two male emperor tamarins.