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South American arborescent shrub having pale pink blossoms followed by egg-shaped reddish-brown edible fruit somewhat resembling a tomato in flavor

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Although the 59 cross-country starters battled through terrible weather conditions on Saturday, the ground on the course held up, only deteriorating into heavy as Tamarillo made his late challenge.
Although the 59 cross-country starters on Saturday battled through terrible weather conditions, the ground on the course held up, only deteriorating into heavy as Tamarillo made his late challenge.
The company will be presenting a new generation of tea mixtures with exotic flavours and unusual recipes that combine such aromatic fruits as tamarillo, kiwano, kumquat, cherimoya, rambutan and grenadilla, under the trade fair motto: The Taste of the World from the Home of Tea.
Duran MG, Moreno-Alvarez MJ (2000) Evaluacion de algunas mezclas de solventes en la extraccion de carotenoides del pericarpio de tamarillo (Cyphomandra betaceae Sendt).
The withdrawal of William Fox-Pitt on Tamarillo late last night, who had moved into fifth spot with one of 16 unblemished rounds yesterday, was a further blow to the British team, relegating them from third to fourth overall.
The withdrawal of William Fox Pitt on Tamarillo late last night was a further blow.
Always harking back to the environmental issue, he was fascinated by the question of how man's activities might have changed the ecology of a given region, as seemed to be the case with the disappearance of game species and the cutting of tree cover in ancient Mesopotamia, or the abrupt change from native Inca and Aztec crops such as cherimoya, tamarillo and pepino to familiar Western crops after the coming of the Spaniards.
Fortunately, we do see a resurgence of some of these foods in the produce aisle: cherimoya, tamarillo, quinoa, and pepino dulce.
The chairman of the Tamarillo Growers Association was a special guest at the field day, which was attended by more than 60 people.
I note that you have approved the field release of GM tamarillo (Cyphomandra betacea) for resistance to tamarillo mosaic virus at Kerikeri Research Station.
Through Transglobal, she will be supplying the UK market with products that offer uniquely New Zealand flavours such as persimmom chutney, tamarillo chutney, kiwi salsa verde and manuka honey mustard.
The actual crops covered include achira, ahipa, arracacha, maca, mashua, mauka, oca, potatoes, ulloco, yacon, kaniwa, kiwicha, quinoa, basul, nunas (popping beans), tarwi, peppers, squashes and their relatives, berries, capuli cherry, chertimoya, goldenberry (Cape gooseberry), Highland papyas, naranjilla (Lulo), pacay (ice cream beans), passion-fruits, pepino, tamarillo (tree tomato), Quito palm and walnuts.
Detection of a complex of viruses in tamarillo (Solatium betaceum) orchards in the Andean region of Colombia.
Bargain buy Tenby Jewel showed a tenacious attitude under Tony McCoy to narrowly land the 2m handicap hurdle after a duel in the home straight with Tamarillo Grove.