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medium-sized larch of Canada and northern United States including Alaska having a broad conic crown and rust-brown scaly bark

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The Kennecott Exploration team at Tamarack has numerous years of nickel sulphide exploration experience in the Mid-Continent Rift, and as such, has the benefit of being able to utilize proprietary methodologies to plan and execute successful exploration programs at Tamarack.
Levi Braley, 27, is one of the head lifeguards and has worked at Tamarack off and on for several years.
While there are approximately 70 peatlands (bogs, fens, and forested peatlands) registered with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Nature Preserves (IDNR-DNP) (most of which have some form of protection), peatlands with healthy, reproducing tamarack populations are few.
Tamarack wood is moderately hard and heavy and yellowish to russet brown or occasionally reddish-brown in color.
The route changes names to Lake Mary Road and wraps around a steep slope on the way to Tamarack Lodge.
Mascoma has assembled a formidable powerhouse of technical talent that, when integrated with the Tamarack Energy team's biomass project development, wood procurement, engineering, construction and facility operations experience, strategically positions us to lead the commercialization of ethanol production from cellulosic biomass," said Tamarack Energy President Derek Amidon.
In the plant's production area a Mark Andy 2200 press had been retrofitted with a Tamarack RFID unit which clearly demonstrated the pick-and-place process of chip and strap installation into the label.
The current state of the Bath Tamarack Bog has raised concern about the health and function of the system.
com) holiday event, held December 3rd at the Tamarack Country Club in Greenwich, Conn, honored Martin Edelston for his lifetime achievement.
Tamarack is dedicated to creating an action and learning network among 15 Canadian communities from Victoria to Saint John's which are determined to eradicate poverty through comprehensive community initiatives.
Glancing ahead through a maze of scattered trees and tamarack shrubs, I could make out Will's haybale blind maybe 150 yards dead ahead.
Other notable transactions included an $18 million loan to developers of Tamarack Resorts in Idaho to fund completion of what is being touted as the next Sun Valley.
My only guess is it was probably made where the tamarack was abundant.
Thousands of miles away, in the rustic, wooded land of Ortonville, Michigan, located some fifty miles outside of Detroit, dozens of Tamarack Camps' second session campers gathered together and erected a Pinat Shalom, a peaceful corner where campers and staff came to share their concerns and feelings about the tragedy.