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a meat mixture covered with cornbread topping that resembles a Mexican dish

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The tamale pie and fruit sauce hold if you want to prepare them a day ahead.
Slice reserved olives; scatter olives and cilantro sprigs over tamale pie.
The result, which is 75 percent learner, looks more like a cobbler than a tamale pie.
It is, rather, a version of tamale pie, a hearty Cal-Mex casserole that contains your basic tamale ingredients.
You can use the same chili sauce that flavors this dish to make a blue corn tamale pie.
It's not pretentious, but tamale pie fills the bill when something good and simple (even make-ahead) is in order.
Friday: Tamale pie, Spanish rice, corn nibletts, tossed salad, apple juice, pears.
It's filled with tips on ham varieties, carving and leftovers along with many easy delicious-sounding recipes like South of the Border Tamale Pie, Ham Jambalaya, Ginger Sesame Stir-Fry With Vegetables.
However, on the plus side, newcomers to Cilantro shouldn't leave without sampling the house tamale pie ($9.
Both refried and black beans are here for the asking, and there's an old-fashioned tamale pie ($9.
When a request went out in Cook's Corner for a tamale pie like grandma used to make, our readers responded.
Does anyone have a recipe for traditional tamale pie using cornmeal NOT masa on the bottom and top and all the good stuff inside?
Although Phyllis Diller was never a Girl Scout, she was happy to contribute her Tamale Pie recipe, which she noted is great for parties.
Then get down to (cooking) business with serving ideas like vegetable tamale pies, grilled churros, oven-baked chicken fajitas, and even a cake assembled to look like the Mexican flag.
Family-style tamale pies and marinated steak fajitas are other options that provide affordable and tasty ways to fill the dinner plate.