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capable of being tamed


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By transcending animalism, and thus nature, there is a sense, as has already been established, in which death should be somehow manageable and tamable.
BASF supplies a full range of innovative sus- tamable solutions, including automotive coatings, mobile emission catalysts, engineering plastics, polyurethanes and brake fluids.
12) Dromio, I wish to suggest, does not only think that he has become a "counterfeit," "imitation," or "fool" but also a Barbary ape: the tailless monkey described in ancient Greek proverbs and natural histories as tamable, trainable, and above all capable of substituting, under the proper circumstances, for a human being.
Contact with the tamable other is seductive and alluring, yet it exposes hidden violent and self-interested processes at work in "taming" and thus in his own culture and work.
Hong Kong banks' asset quality deterioration during the downturn was tamable and had a small impact on their profitability, although their profitability will continue to be hindered by margin pressures given the abundant liquidity in the system.