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one who keeps a tally of quantity or weight of goods produced or shipped or received


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MPA1 customers can now realise more comprehensive and streamlined workflows, whilst also benefitting from smarter and more intelligent integrated solutions where users can remotely control their MPA1's using TSL's TallyMan control system or any third-party control system supporting SNMP.
A screen-based information distribution and display system, FlashBoard can be integrated with Tallyman or other third-party control systems.
By employing an integrated approach to debt collection and customer management using Experian's Tallyman and PMP debt management software , and continually driving improvements to exceed sector leading practice through regular benchmark reviews and deployment of an effective strategic road map and business plan, Anglian Water has shown that it can both satisfy customer expectations and meet stretching performance objectives.
Heart Of Dubai and Mr Tallyman, both absent since September, have been placed at the course.
Tallyman AS, the investment vehicle of businessman Wilhelm Wilhelmsen, said it had bought additional 31,000 class A shares in Norwegian shipping group Wilh Wilhelmsen Holding (OSL:WWI) at NOK122.
Another active member of the group was a senior tallyman named Freddy Jolly.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-10 June 2008-Vodacom opts for Tallyman debt management and collection system(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
86 billion) over the last year on deals including Brazilian credit bureau Serasa, marketing firm Hitwise and debt collections firm Tallyman.
In closing, senior hunter Freddy Jolly once described the relationship between the tallyman and the land as one of exchange and communication: 'When you live in the bush all year long, watching over it, the land speaks to you.
Dublin tallyman Joe McCarthy has called on the Government to hand out the 7,000 redundant machines to students.
Every square inch is named to an individual called the tallyman.
Price Company as a tallyman to count pipe for a 42-inch diameter pipeline project for Transcontinental Pipeline Co.
Quebec and forest industry) which led to the adoption of this new forest regime, began on a family hunting ground where a yarding area for moose, protected for a long time by the tallyman, had been logged.