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one who keeps a tally of quantity or weight of goods produced or shipped or received


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Dublin tallyman Joe McCarthy has called on the Government to hand out the 7,000 redundant machines to students.
Every square inch is named to an individual called the tallyman.
Price Company as a tallyman to count pipe for a 42-inch diameter pipeline project for Transcontinental Pipeline Co.
Quebec and forest industry) which led to the adoption of this new forest regime, began on a family hunting ground where a yarding area for moose, protected for a long time by the tallyman, had been logged.
Talgentra's Tallyman system automates the collections process by consolidating all credit-related communications, including phone calls, emails, letters and faxes.
Tallyman Freddy Jolly will see part of his trapline flooded and another section dry up if the Rupert is dammed.
This ripple effect will spread further, said Dave Harris, managing director of credit management firm Tallyman.
Interchange is the result of the code-base merger of Akopia Tallyman and MiniVend, two popular e-commerce software programs.
Multicon provides the Danish Parliament in Copenhagen, Denmark with easy third party control against the Pro-Bel Pyxis router, seamless integration against TSL Tallyman for UMD control, control from an automation system, and a Nevion Configurator for setting up communication and control panel configurations.
One Saturday my father, a timber tallyman in Cardiff docks, scraped up enough to take my mother, brother and me for a day out at Barry Island.
Thanks to the collaboration of the Crees of Eeyou Istchee, in particular the W24 Tallyman and his family and the Cree First Nation of Waswanipi, the Bachelor Project will have positive impact to the region.
Godsman had a foot in two camps in the race, as he's also associated with The County Set, owners of the Mr Tallyman, who was sent off favourite but could finish only third.
She was the third of the four children of Eli Reuben, a travelling tallyman, and his wife, Dorothy.
So when an outbreak of scarlet fever hits the street and the Moss family take in seven orphans, some well-organised subterfuge is needed to keep the dreaded tallyman off their backs.
Tallyman Khoum, one of Axe's Hearts of Action ambassadors, said: "There are 19 of us who have worked on two playgrounds.