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Synonyms for tall tale

an entertaining and often oral account of a real or fictitious occurrence

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an improbable (unusual or incredible or fanciful) story

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Station at Diablo is a novice's attempt to blend the highly accurate Western storytelling of Louis L'Amour with the more fanciful tall tale styles from the dime novel era.
An extra tall tale in an extra tall book, well supplied with funny illustrations.
The complete character description and illustration becomes a natural prewriting activity for writing an original tall tale.
Tall tales are fun, but they shouldn't get in the way of the facts, says Cathy Gorn, executive director of National History Day, a national history fair, and an adjunct professor of American history at the University of Maryland.
Tall Tale, who was ridden by another of Guest's riders, Larry McGrath, was getting off the mark at his 41st attempt and not surprisingly failed to attract a bid.
When word got out about this newly acquired land, fortune hunters, trailblazers, and storytellers ventured into the new territory and the tall tale was born.
He arms himself with the full arsenal of the storyteller's tricks--drama, irony, action, traces of tall tale, and humor--especially humor.
She reads this textual opacity in quite interesting and convincing terms, positing the desire for escape and for genuine alterity as the more or less natural outcome of a tall tale intentionally structured around the literal rise of a small man of slender means and still less luck.
1960); Horse Sense in American Humor (1942); Tall Tale America: a Legendary History of our Humorous Heroes (1944); Davy Crockett: Truth and Legend (1955); Half Horse, Half Alligator: The Growth of the Mike Fink Legend (with F.
While You Were Napping" is a toddler's tall tale of the tallest variety, with pirates, robots, firemen, construction workers, cotton candy, dinosaur bones, and french fry sandwiches to entertain the outrageous imagination of a youngster who was unwillingly put to bed for a nap (just because he was screaming, imagine that).
Kellogg compresses several of the yarns spun around America's archetypal tall tale hero into this exuberant picture book portrait.
Nigel is intrigued by Finn's tall tale and they join an expedition to raise the shipwrecked Aurelia.
Storyteller Joe Hayes weaves a tall tale that will amuse readers of all ages.
In other words, Chabon's talk exhibits all the hallmarks of a tall tale, with the author signaling to the audience at every turn that the narrator is not to be completely trusted.
An excellent starting point for any campaign of intense personal research into a given American tall tale, and very highly recommended, especially for academic, public, and personal library reference shelves.