tall order

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a formidable task or requirement

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Wasps face a tall order against Castres in France this afternoon
Project Manager Allen Bailes of Progress Metals and his team had a tall order on hand when the mill's owner Bowie Resources Ltd.
That's a tall order, and one that will take a great deal of commitment.
Temporarily stepping into her shoes will be a tall order, according to VICA Chairman Bob Scott, who's also interim president, chief executive officer and vice president of government affairs.
The Welsh Premier League side battled hard in an Intertoto Cup first round first leg clash staged at the home of neighbours Rhyl - but they now face a tall order to join their hosts in the Uefa Cup.
Now it appears to be too late to undo the damage, unless, as George Detweiler urges, we curb the abuses of the corrupt courts--a tall order.
It's a tall order to expect people to eagerly await.
As with any tall order, it's being accomplished in steps.
That was a tall order for designers of Plant 47 for Delphi Connection Systems, part of Delphi Corp.
But with only five titles under her belt, totaling less than 50,000 copies, a project of Chicken Soup proportions is a tall order.
A tall order, one may think, bearing in mind that Canada currently produces <10% of the world's PGEs.
A tall order, to be sure, but my own assessment is that--through no fault of his own--Walters fails to tie the knot in each story.
That's a tall order, for sure, but one that I subscribe to fully.
Increasing the volume of a family home by three-fold is a tall order, especially on a tight urban site.
Juggling competing agendas and raising the artistic stakes may be a tall order, but at the very least REDCAT'S deluxe physical amenities make such ambitions seem viable.