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an oil derived from wood pulp and used in making soaps or lubricants

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The tall oil plant is the largest single-line plant delivered by PE[micro]yry, with a capacity of 10 t/h of tall oil.
It was a fabulous time of walking with midwives and meeting village women, hearing Nasreen and women survivors speaking out on violence against women in a public park, and joining Naripokkho and other NGOs on a protest march through the city carrying tall oil lamps on bamboo poles.
Income comes from really only two sources: primary customers, who buy the mill's primary products, and byproducts customers, who buy secondary products such as tall oil, mill seconds and so forth.
Turpentine and tall oil reclaimed from the paper-pulping process are important ingredients in paint, varnish, adhesives, asphalt, printing inks, rubber products, soaps and polishes.
Unsaturated fatty acids, including tall oil fatty acids (TOFA), oleic acids and others, will post moderate gains through 2002.
Your company's business and sales activities will be boosted by gaining an insight into the tall oil, whether or not refined EU market.
This high quality biofuel is produced from residue of the pulp industry, crude tall oil, with no edible materials being used.
Tall Oil Fatty Acid Market - Product Segment Analysis - Oleic acid - Linoleic acid - Others (Including linoleic acid, maleic acid, and stearic acid) Tall Oil Fatty Acid Market - Application Analysis - Dimer acid - Alkyd resin - Fatty acid ester - Others (Including dimer acid and fatty acid soaps) Tall Oil Fatty Acid Market - End-user Analysis - Soap & detergents - Coatings - Lubricants - Plastics - Fuel additives - Metal working fluid - Others (Including adhesives, asphalt additives, and biofuel)Companies Mentioned - Akzo Nobel N.
can take advantage of regionally available tall oil rosin as well as imported gum rosin for a complete resin portfolio.
It reports on 13 new specific additives, among which are cassia gum, glycerol ester of tall oil rosin, and sodium hydrogen sulfate.
The crude tall diesel is produced from crude tall oil, a by-product from the pulp industry, in SunPine's factory in Pitea.
Re-reveiws were re-opened on Butyl myristate, Coconut oil, Shellac, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Tall oil acid, Jojoba oil and Dilauryl thiodipropionate.
She identified economical feed-stocks, such as tall oil acids deriving from pine trees which upon esterification with select alcohols resulted in ester plasticizers with a glass transition temperature of minus 130[degrees]C.
Contents include: introduction and principles of chemical recovery, evaporation and concentration of black liquor, noncondensible gases, tall oil soap recovery, chemical recovery and process chemistry, chemical recovery equipment, cooking liquor preparation, and lime reburning: the rotary lime kiln.