talk down

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belittle through talk

speak in a condescending manner, as if to a child

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direct and control (the flight of an airplane during landing) via radio

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They wanted me to gossip and talk down about people and that's not my style.
Matt blurts it out to his colleagues -- and, essentially, the entire world -- during tonight's first hostage situation, as he tries to talk down an addled actor who has taken his children after losing a custody battle.
Lawyers and expert witnesses who lean on legal buzzwords and technical jargon, or who talk down to jurors, are not doing their jobs and can expect to lose.
She does not talk down to them, and validates that they may be experiencing many confusing feelings after such a terrible loss.
A self-help guide that does not talk down to the reader, Radical Happiness is a guide filled with solid advice for improving self-acceptance and learning to make the most of one's life.
They're in the minority but they're there, no matter how much museum education departments may wish to talk down to them.
It's refreshing--and surprising--for a television program not to talk down to a viewer, to trust the viewer's intelligence and to assume that the viewer is reasonable well read.
Though intended for young adults, it is a reference that, although brief in descriptive information on each species, does not talk down to the reader and will appeal to all ages.
PRISON negotiators were last night attempting to talk down an inmate at Altcourse Prison who is on the roof.
Cabinet Office insiders admitted in January that the currency losses have spiralled out of control, after a renewed attempt by the Finance Ministry to prop up the dollar and talk down the value of the yen.
Treasury Secretary John Snow as saying that Washington does not intend to talk down the dollar.
There is the risk of heavier rain on Saturday morning, but the Met Office is also starting to talk down that amount,