talcum powder

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a toilet powder made of purified talc and usually scented

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) disseminated an Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) advisory on the use of talcum powders in children, reiterating "that it must be labeled with a warning that states "keep powder away from children's nose and mouth.
According to the decree, the value of the export duties on ultra-fine talcum powder (50 microns and less) is EGP 300 per tonne.
He says the issue is so serious that he has teamed up with a US attorney who has already won court victories for women who have died of cancer following lifelong use of talcum powder.
The results of several studies to determine if talcum powder can cause ovarian cancer have been inconclusive.
This verdict is in addition to the dismissal of two cases in New Jersey in September 2016 by a state court judge who ruled that plaintiffs' scientific experts could not adequately support their theories that talcum powder causes ovarian cancer, a decision that highlights the lack of credible scientific evidence behind plaintiffs' allegations.
In 2015, talcum powder declined by 6% in volume terms and by 7% in current value terms.
FRIENDS OUR AT DUDLEY Ring-tailed lemur, Freya was removed from the family group when they moved to the wood from the Small primate house, but to restore harmony among the ringtails when she returned meant a dousing in baby talcum powder.
They will be using objects such as a picnic basket, carbolic soap, ladies gloves, talcum powder, pipe tobacco, a toolbox and a bread bin - also items such as postcards and photos of Llandudno over the last 70-80 years.
The use of talcum powder by women is mostly seen in the developing countries.
The company states the new, bespoke, state-of-the-art talc coating machine will greatly reduce the amount of talcum powder used in the production of kSil solid silicone sheeting.
ANY sticky residue left by an adhesive label can be removed by covering the area with talcum powder then wiping with a dry cloth or using a little nail varnish remover on a piece of cotton wool.
Every year the maker produces around 9,600 tons of bath products, 3,700 tons of liquid soap, 1,000 tons of talcum powder and 20 tons of lip balms.
The Malay Mail reported that an officer became suspicious when he checked a bag the woman was carrying that was packed with food containers plus a talcum powder container.
Shocked looking residents are cleaned up at Dudley Zoological Gardens KEEPERS at a Midlands zoo doused their lemurs in talcum powder in a fragrant bid to end a feud among the community.
The first I stole off my cousin, which involves putting talcum powder at the bottom of the chimney, with imprints of Father Christmas' feet in them.