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Synonyms for talc

a fine grained mineral having a soft soapy feel and consisting of hydrated magnesium silicate

apply talcum powder to (one's body)

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The loss modulus for the TPU/PP and talc filled TPU/PP/T blends are plotted as a function of temperature, at a constant frequency of 1 Hz and are presented as a function of temperature in Fig.
Leading talc producers are focusing on the production of speciality micronised grades for use in plastics compounding, reflecting the changing patterns of demand.
Moreover, talc poudrage insufflation by MT has optimal results in pleurodesis (8) and less side effects than tetracycline/doxycycline/povoiodine (9).
Talc was first used by Bethune in 1935 for pleurodesis and since then it has been widely employed, either as talc poudrage or a talc slurry (3).
We found, to our surprise, that talc causes tumour growth to slow down and actually decreases the tumor bulk," said Veena Antony, M.
DISCUSSION: Exposure to talc in the course of carpet installation has not been reported as a possible cause of pneumoconiosis.
Although talc has a pH of approximately 9, it may retard the cure in silicone rubber where the peroxide concentration is less than 1 phr.
Recckio specifically excludes talc when discussing pure mineral makeups.
LONDON -- In terms of sales talc and pyrophyllite are largely dependent on the manufacturing sector, automotive industry being the key force here.
Bioseguridad bag white, medium size,red bag bioseguridad, large,disposable latex gloves, not sterile, talc, x box 100 gloves, unit big,disposable latex gloves not sterile talc, x box 100 gloves, unity medium,disposable latex gloves, not sterile, talc, x box 100 gloves, small drive etc.
Companies manufacturing extenders discussed in this report include Imerys, Mondo Minerals, A IMI FABI Talc Company, Minerals Technologies Inc.
It was observed that the addition of 5 phr of ultra-fine talc improved the dispersion of carbon black in tire tread compounds (ref.
He subsequently underwent thorascopic drainage and talc pleurodesis.
APPLICATION: This research outlines how pulp producers can achieve goals including low ash pulp, low dichloromethane (DCM) pulp, or elimination of talc from their process, through use of the proprietary pitch dissolver dispersant tested.