taking hold

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the act of gripping something firmly with the hands (or the tentacles)

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ONE ONLY NEEDS to look to the significant rises in all manner of commodity prices to see that reflation is taking hold and will eventually work its way into consumer prices.
With warm weather already taking hold of the Southland, now is the perfect time to prepare your back yard for the usual summer soirees.
In Afghanistan, a new government is taking hold, and you can still see the parallels to America's revolution.
It traces the life of Fay Myrtle, from a child of about three-years-old growing up poor in rural Jamaica, to a 21-year-old woman on the brink of taking hold of her own life.
Across Latin America, anti-trust fever is taking hold.
He said voluntary pollution prevention is taking hold in the industry and that companies are finding new ways of reducing pollution levels and becoming more productive at the same time.
The unified communications marketplace is taking hold and our partnership enables AVST to further the advancement of this growing space through alternative financing options that make it easy to acquire their communications technology.
mortgage is taking hold with senior homeowners, their adult children and advisors as they have begun to appreciate the versatility of this financial planning tool.
A second consecutive drop in retail sales and near-stable wholesale prices suggest the long-awaited economic slowdown is taking hold just before the holiday shopping season.