taking hold

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the act of gripping something firmly with the hands (or the tentacles)

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The shares have soared 57% since October last year and amid hopes that the retail recovery is taking hold, they are a buy at 476.
A man exposed himself to them before then taking hold of one of the girls and kissing her.
Summary: Looting is taking hold in Chile in the aftermath of Saturday's earthquake which has killed at least 708 people and left hundreds missing.
A synth player taking hold of the mood, the tempo quickened by the drummer, double trouble vocals and a sampler man to add extra colour and highlights.
Meyerson, Managing Director of Sholom & Zuckerbrot Realty, with companies like Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, the United Nations Federal Credit Union, and other companies and developments taking hold.
This six-disc CD audiobook edition of Empowered Empathy has a total running time of 7 hours, 13 minutes and deftly carries the listener through easy, step-by-step techniques to taking hold of and control life; turning on the gifts for recognition of the true experience of "otherness"; turning off the gifts to block picking up the pains of others; and obtaining a practical understanding of empathy as a true and enduring blessing, regardless of how much suffering has resulted in having lived as an untrained, uncontrolled empath in the past.
She is a feminist who wants to have a career and remain in the limelight in an Ireland where Catholic conservatism is taking hold and restricting women to traditional roles.