taking apart

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the removal of limbs

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employees were taking apart a metal tank used to hold crude oil when something ignited vapors inside and sparked the blast on Monday.
CHEEKY thieves spent two days taking apart and stealing a wall of 2500 rare bricks - while neighbours made them cups of tea.
Off the field, he enjoys taking apart and rebuilding computers.
Q I have an old junk Ross rifle that I am taking apart.
This is the Black Hole in the Bangladesh capital Dhaka - a huddle of riverside factories where children work taking apart old batteries for recycling.
The October edition of New Internationalist takes anti-Semitism as its central topic, taking apart popular anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Zionist Government groups and looking at the extensive history of anti-Semitism around the world.
DS is now responsible for taking apart and putting back together the slide assembly.