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one who accepts an offer

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one who takes a bet or wager

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All the rest have gone except the note taker, the gentleman, and the flower girl, who sits arranging her basket, and still pitying herself in murmurs.
THE NOTE TAKER [explosively] Woman: cease this detestable boohooing instantly; or else seek the shelter of some other place of worship.
This plug-in allows test takers to play a soundfile repeatedly simply by clicking the plug-in's "Play" button.
Automation of underwriting logic allows risk takers to consistently apply the selection and pricing rules to the segment of the market that they wish to attract.
Census takers can expect to be paid about pounds 400.
Despite their ordeal, after the incident, the hostages reported that they had no ill feelings toward the hostage takers and, further, that they feared the police more than their captors.
Frequently, risk takers have to break the rules, do something risky, and demand change.
Through the program, both organizations will provide national recognition to public safety call takers and interpreters who demonstrate excellence in assisting foreign-born and non-English speaking citizens who need emergency assistance.
Test takers are calling on the government to open an anti-trust investigation by the Fair Trade Commission into YBM's supervision of the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC).
I don't agree with penalty takers being a designated one apart from Romelu being on the pitch.
26 -- With the popularity of the GRE(R) revised General Test in India - now with the new ScoreSelectSM option, new test retake policy, and lower test fee -GRE program officials urge test takers to register to test in 2012,as soon as possible, before seats are filled.
In a meta-analysis of 15 studies, melatonin takers fell asleep an average of four minutes sooner and slept an average of 14 minutes longer than placebo takers.
The contest for census takers showed that some places that are mainly populated by ethnic Albanians will be registered by non-Albanian entities.
The Reserve Bank announced today that it is exempting certain deposit takers from having a mandatory credit rating, under Part 5D of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989.
Hostage takers demonstrate goal-oriented and purposeful behavior.