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one who accepts an offer

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one who takes a bet or wager

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Researchers then merged this information with data generated by schools where test takers who had passed the exam were working in administrative roles.
8 June 2016 - New York-based equity fund Bregal Partners Co's US-based Arcus Hunting, LLC acquisition company has completed its acquisition of hunting arrow accessory provider Trophy Taker, Inc.
The users are kept up-to-date by theTablet Order Taker with the progress of all agents orders via to invoicing.
I'M sure I'm not alone in being a little surprised at Liverpool's penalty takers, and the order of them, at Wembley.
Former care taker PM and other persons were facing charges of making illegal appointments during the care taker set up in defiance of Anita Turab case.
A stalemate situation is being observed in the PCB as its care taker Chairman does not have the powers to take decisions on key issues regarding approval of the national teams , formation of the selection committee and policy making in the board ", he said here on Sunday while talking to reporter.
In the context of the Ontario School Literaey Test (OSSLT), Cheng, Klinger & Zheng (2007) found that two literacy tasks--narrative reading and news report writing--and two reading skills and strategies--indirect understanding and vocabulary--were predictors for L1 and L2 test taker group membership.
The tour guide had angered him taker when earlier in the day he used his mobile phone to alert the Hong Kong authorities about the incident and also distributed lunches to the nervous tourists.
The Deposit Takers (Credit Ratings, Capital Ratios, and Related Party Exposures) Regulations 2010 were gazetted yesterday and will come into force on 1 December 2010.
ISE's modified maker-taker pricing programme includes rebates for market makers who meet market quality thresholds, competitive taker fees for non-customer orders and no taker fees for retail-sized customers.
CURTIS is a pick for any Native American library: it covers the stories and photos of Edward Curtis gathered from his 20-volume THE NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN, THE IMAGE TAKER opus, packing nearly two hundred photos--many rarely seen in print--along with the images and myths of the 26 tribal nations.
In retrospect, I understand that they could not have improved traffic flow more than a smidgen even if every toll taker operated at 100% efficiency all the time.
Adam, who was the youngest competitor in the whole event, was also the only penalty taker in the competition to put six goals in a row past Grobbelaar.
The primary negotiator initiates communication with the hostage taker, while the secondary negotiator acts as coach to the primary negotiator.