takeover attempt

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an attempt to take control of a corporation

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The UK's third biggest grocer - which was the subject of two separate takeover attempts in 2007 - rose more 10 per cent at one stage.
There has never been a successful hostile takeover here, and most market observers would say that there has only been one truly hostile takeover attempt in recent years: the offer by M & A Consulting to acquire Shoei in 2000.
The Plan is designed to deter certain coercive takeover tactics and enable the Board of Directors to represent effectively the interests of shareholders in the event of a takeover attempt.
The filing added that EMR did not wish to make a hostile takeover attempt.
As a result, TAM 9144042 concludes that professional fees incurred in resisting a takeover attempt "will not uniformly be classified as either currently deductible under section 162 of the Code or capitalizable under section 263 of the Code.
The court concluded this was not a hostile takeover attempt.
After a temporary restraining order was imposed on Z's takeover attempt, X and Z entered into a settlement and standstill agreement under which X agreed to pay Z for the repurchase of X's stock, and to reimburse Z for amounts incurred in connection with the tender offer.
Goodyear survived a hostile takeover attempt but at a serious cost.
Whether a hostile takeover attempt will be successful is greatly dependent on the defensive measures that have been implemented long before the tender offer is launched.
IsoRay's Board believes that a rights plan is prudent to protect the long-term interests of IsoRay and its shareholders in the event of an unsolicited takeover attempt.
Qatari investment fund Delta Two pulled its potential multi-billion pound offer earlier this month, less than a year after a private equity takeover attempt also fell by the wayside.
Kengo Nishiyama, strategist at Nomura's Financial & Economic Research Center, said the steel industry is experiencing global realignment, while there had been a takeover attempt by the Murakami Fund for Hanshin Electric Railway Co.
said Korenstein, who has been vocal in her opposition to the mayor's takeover attempt.
Any takeover attempt would need the agreement of Mr Haji-Ioannou, who still owns more than 40% of the company.
AMP was previously on Rating Watch-Up to reflect the potentially positive credit impact of an acquisition by AlliedSignal, which had pursued a hostile takeover attempt of AMP since August.