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Synonyms for takeover



Synonyms for takeover

a sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force

a change by sale or merger in the controlling interest of a corporation

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The Government is pleased to announce the appointment of four new members to the Takeovers Panel.
In addition, major FerrAus Shareholder, China Railway Materials (CRM) has provided FerrAus with a letter indicating that it intends to the ACCEPT the Takeover Offer as soon as practicable upon the Takeover Offer opening, in the absence of a superior proposal.
Making such a distinction is vital if we are to throw some sands in the wheels of the takeover machine and allow firms some scope for long-term investment and planning.
Key recommendations include ensuring companies take into account the impact of a takeover on employees and giving them greater opportunity to make their views known.
firm shows how seriously they're taking this, but the question becomes what is an appropriate use of district money, and certainly trying to defend the school district from a takeover -- a hostile takeover -- might be considered an appropriate use," Stern said.
The Spanish government's attempts to prevent a takeover of the Spanish electricity company Endesa by its German competitor Eon;
This study estimates that takeovers by large firms have "destroyed" $226 billion over 20 years.
However, the statement added that the takeover panel understood the enquiries were "unconnected to Chelsea Limited," the company set up by Abramovich to buy out chairman Ken Bates.
The takeover specialist needs a strategy that increases employment.
Thieves easily can obtain and use an individual's personal checks and credit cards to initiate an account takeover.
A pirate female whose takeover bids fail hits a genetic dead end.
96-1940 (CA-7, July 2, 1997), the investment advisory fees a company pays to fend off a hostile takeover are deductible, while those it pays to facilitate the ultimate merger must be capitalized.
But what happens when your company is the subject of a hostile takeover, and each role pulls you in a different direction?
Commissioner,(2) the Supreme Court held that expenditures incurred by a target corporation in the course of a friendly takeover are nondeductible capital expenditures.
In December 1989, articles first appeared in the New York Times and the Wall Steet Journal alerting the capitalist world to a new anti takeover corporate law proposed in Pennsylvania.