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Synonyms for takeover



Synonyms for takeover

a sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force

a change by sale or merger in the controlling interest of a corporation

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Today's publication of the offer document represents the start of the acceptance period and STADA shareholders can now accept the Takeover Offer by tendering their shares to Nidda Healthcare Holding AG.
Each FerrAus Director continues to recommend that FerrAus Shareholders ACCEPT the Takeover Offer and each FerrAus Director intends to ACCEPT the Takeover Offer with respect to all FerrAus shares held by them or in which they have a relevant interest, in the absence of a superior offer and subject to the opinion of an Independent Expert in relation to the Takeover Offer.
Sadly, no distinction is made in British law between the ownership rights of committed long-term shareholder stewards and the speculative ram-raiders including hedge funds which see takeover bids as a one-way bet to make a fast buck.
The Takeover Panel has now revealed proposals to make hostile takeovers more difficult, although it rejected some of the more radical calls for overhaul.
Los Angeles Unified -- which already has hired a public relations firm to promote its agenda -- spent $1,500 to fly in parents from New York City, Chicago and Detroit -- who will meet today with parent groups in Los Angeles and encourage them to fight mayoral takeover.
French and Luxemburg government resistance against the hostile takeover bid by Mittal Steel, the world's largest steelmaker, on behalf of its French/Luxembourg rival Arcelor;
It is less clear how to unwind this snarl of takeover defenses.
The Stock Exchange's takeover panel issued a statement this morning revealing the FSA are looking into "the nature and status of certain shareholdings in Chelsea Village plc in the period preceding the announcement of the bid" by Abramovich.
Takeover specialists look for value that the old management is missing.
A recent survey indicated that 38 percent of individuals have been victims of account takeover.
Researchers once assumed that these takeover artists had lost their own nests or been stuck as subordinate females in other queens' colonies.
96-1940 (CA-7, July 2, 1997), the investment advisory fees a company pays to fend off a hostile takeover are deductible, while those it pays to facilitate the ultimate merger must be capitalized.
But what happens when your company is the subject of a hostile takeover, and each role pulls you in a different direction?
Commissioner,(2) the Supreme Court held that expenditures incurred by a target corporation in the course of a friendly takeover are nondeductible capital expenditures.
In December 1989, articles first appeared in the New York Times and the Wall Steet Journal alerting the capitalist world to a new anti takeover corporate law proposed in Pennsylvania.