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prepared food that is intended to be eaten off of the premises

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NBC had kept her off the air following an angry public reaction to her broken promise: After saying she'd stay in her New Jersey home until the danger for symptoms of the disease had passed, she was spotted in a car getting takeout food.
She and her team have equipped themselves for their working sit-in, which "Reese said involves around-the-clock shifts, with an inflatable air mattress leaning against a cubical wall and takeout food boxes plopped around the offices.
5% increase on household spending for takeout food, based on the 2011 statistics.
Prior Information Notice: Preparation and delivery of takeout food for hospital patients in certain diets and menus in advance and the food needs of staff general hospital for active treatment "prof.
He put the eggs into a plastic takeout food container and stashed them in his bedroom cupboard, where his horrified mother, Donna Sim, found them.
When you're pushing your toddler in a pushchair and talking on the phone in a loud manner it is of course not possible to carry your takeout food.
The 19-year-old is seen arriving at a drive-in movie before swiftly tucking into her bag of takeout food.
Summary: UAE prisoners staged a 2-hour riot complaining of a recent ban on delivery of takeout food and cigarettes for inmates.
They might not be running up a hefty bar tab, but high-profit, low-cost takeout food might be the next best thing.
Among the third-party partnerships providing services are restaurant reservations by OpenTable; takeout food ordering by GrubHub; movie ticket purchasing through Fandango; and maps by Google.
ISLAMABAD, June 15, 2009 (Balochistan Times) --Young adults who regularly feast on takeaway or takeout food tend to have less healthy diets and larger waistlines than their peers.
According to the National Restaurant Association, more than 53 percent of people supplement their own meals with takeout food.
Moreover, despite the proliferation of labor-saving appliances, to say nothing of the relatively recent arrival of takeout food, "home production" work--tasks such as cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, commuting, and yard work--grew over the century.
They don't want to be loaded down with all this information when they're ordering takeout food, it's cumbersome.
The board members said that the initiative could set an example for the nation, and that New York City should play a leading role because of its high rate of heart disease and because New Yorkers consume more restaurant meals and takeout food than most Americans.