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Synonyms for takeoff

Synonyms for takeoff

the act of rising in flight


a usually amusing caricature of another

Synonyms for takeoff

a departure

the initial ascent of an airplane as it becomes airborne

a composition that imitates or misrepresents somebody's style, usually in a humorous way

humorous or satirical mimicry

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The contract is for the implementation of forest services in Acute Forestry in 2015 under the Takeoff attached hereto.
Takeoffs and landings tend to become "standard" when really they are the most likely place for things to quickly become "nonstandard.
FATAL CRASH: The tail of the Spanair jet that crashed on takeoff at Madrid airport killing 153 victims heading for the Canary Islands; GRIEF-STRICKEN: Emergency workers console relatives of the victims of the Spanair jet crash at a makeshift morgue in Madrid
Ten seconds after takeoff, the pilot noticed the ball displaced three quarters to the left and immediately corrected with left rudder.
We don't think so, but because it most severely affects the short takeoff and landing, we believe it's prudent and right, and our responsibility, to work the problem," Secretary Roche said in his previous testimony.
Polymer gear-pump systems; heavy-duty crammer feeders; sheet and film takeoff systems; pelletizers; MD and TD orientators; coating systems; winding systems; slitting systems; control systems; heating and temperature-control systems; screen changers; and other ancillary products.
Only airplanes with ten or more seats must have the capacity to stop by the end of the runway if an engine fails before takeoff speed is reached.
Original plans for the flight called for a takeoff from a location somewhere along Crete's northwestern coast and a landing on the Greek mainland (SN: 4/12/86, p.
The study, which evaluates 31 countries based on the time it takes for new products to takeoff, is among the most comprehensive research of its kind.
Anxious Flyers Find Takeoff to be Most Stressful Part of Flying According to New Survey
Contructech has named Cloud Takeoff, Cincinnati startup, as one of the most influential construction technology providers.
Other common mistakes involved pilots and crew entering the wrong takeoff speed, followed by the incorrect aircraft weight and wrong temperature.
On Center Software's On-Screen Takeoff(R) is a construction estimating and takeoff application that uses electronic plans to digitally complete construction takeoffs.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE -- Boeing's new KC-767 tanker is expected to begin testing of its takeoff performance this month at Edwards Air Force Base.
Officials are trying to determine whether two planes that were preparing for takeoff got closer than allowed under federal rules.