taken for granted

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evident without proof or argument

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But it is human nature to resent being taken for granted.
He's been here five years now and what he gives us, week in, week out, has probably been taken for granted.
Bush and others in the administration have argued that the President's wartime powers trump some of the important constitutional, guarantees and civil liberties that Americans had previously taken for granted.
Barbara pioneered so much that is taken for granted today: co-brokering, market reports, press visibility and keeping a human face on real estate.
As with most of the author's work, this too is set in Puerto Rico, during the middle of the 20th century, and told through the alert viewpoint of a loved, but sometimes taken for granted, daughter.
Our votes do not belong to any party and cannot be taken for granted.
If we were better at our jobs, the message would be taken for granted.
If the LGBT community votes unilaterally, then they will be taken for granted by that party and ignored by the other.
In Study #2, for instance, multitudes of hatch marks, squiggles, and cells are woven together with strokes that are simultaneously loose and structured, creating the kind of pattern taken for granted when draping a side table or falling from a curtain rod.
It is probably accurate to say that everyone who works for a living has felt, on at least one occasion, that their brilliance, effort, talent, or other characteristic is being overlooked, exploited, or taken for granted by his or her boss.
Such a conclusion should not lead to complacency for paper recyclers, who no doubt will be reminded that their work cannot be taken for granted the next time prices take a dive or a mill downgrades a shipment because of quality concerns.
Fussing, fighting, and incompatibility among spouses was taken for granted.
Alison Adams analyzes one of Georgette de Montenay's emblems in the polyglot edition of 1619, illustrating how "the web of biblical allusion" is taken for granted in understanding the text in any language and remarking that today's students may no longer be linked with that particular web.
Champion Michael Schumacher admitted it was almost taken for granted he would extend his contract with Ferrari until the end of the 2006 season.
Corruption is taken for granted in Romania, but there are some hopeful signs, including new grassroots activism.