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Not if you go above, on the second floor," she answered with a little startled air, as if she had rather taken for granted I would know my proper place.
In fact, I am amazed at the number of people who still support Labour in the North East as we have been taken for granted like the Scots.
Kroes added that when even the phone of the chancellor is not sacred, that trust can never again be taken for granted, the report added.
The anger of Kashmiris and peace in Kashmir cannot be taken for granted," he added.
Simply saying 'thank you' will go a long way to ensuring that people don't feel taken for granted.
But it is human nature to resent being taken for granted.
He's been here five years now and what he gives us, week in, week out, has probably been taken for granted.
But I'm trying to impress upon players that baserunning a phase of the game that gets taken for granted.
Bush and others in the administration have argued that the President's wartime powers trump some of the important constitutional, guarantees and civil liberties that Americans had previously taken for granted.
Barbara pioneered so much that is taken for granted today: co-brokering, market reports, press visibility and keeping a human face on real estate.
As with most of the author's work, this too is set in Puerto Rico, during the middle of the 20th century, and told through the alert viewpoint of a loved, but sometimes taken for granted, daughter.
That way, rather than driving indigenous farmers from the land and into industrial wage servitude, our hypothetical fair trade treaty could encourage farmers to remain in their communities while the health, sanitation, and educational advancements taken for granted in the developed world were delivered to them.
Our votes do not belong to any party and cannot be taken for granted.
Thus it seems that nothing should be taken for granted in these two pastoral scenes, which is precisely why the seemingly innocuous Off Leash, 2004, is odd to the point of being uncanny.
If we were better at our jobs, the message would be taken for granted.