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(amateur wrestling) being brought to the mat from a standing position

a crushing remark

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European makers and custom gunsmiths extended the takedown design to bolt action rifles as well.
There is a law in the country requiring the takedown of content related to drugs.
The case is important because it raises the question of whether a media company can be held liable for pursuing a takedown without a full consideration of fair use.
Just ask Hunter's Niche master bowyer Ron Pittsley, Ron first introduced his company's Predator takedown recurves 20 years ago, and to commemorate this milestone, Hunter's Niche is offering a special 20th Anniversary Limited Edition, three-piece takedown recurve that shoots as good as it looks.
That is why he created the "Chili Takedown," as well as several popular and offbeat offshoots in New York.
Sahin pushed Stadnik out and added a gut wrench to win the second period, in which the Ukrainian replied with one takedown.
While many takedown complaints are valid, researchers have shown--and some defendants have successfully argued--that not all complaints are accurate.
Gray trailed much of the match but scored a takedown in the final seconds to force overtime.
All the lots have been sold in advance to national and regional builders under lot takedown agreements.
On the show Takedown, which began last week on cable channel Court TV, he identifies cheats and secretly films them.
What really sets Takedown apart from all the other arcade racers on the grid is the way that you are rewarded for smashing into your opponents ( the bigger the pile up, the bigger your points total.
Crave Entertainment, a publisher of console videogames, has co-published Bad Boys: Miami Takedown with Empire Interactive.
In the neutral position, if you can't open up your opponent for a takedown, try to get him called for stalling.
However, since the takedown of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union--better known by Reaganites as the "Evil Empire"--communism is not a particularly popular ideology today.