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flightless New Zealand birds similar to gallinules

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Likewise, there are now more than 250 transplanted takahe.
New Zealand, Takahe, Snorkel 5 and 6, Turbine 07, Bravado 13 and The
Around a dozen species of endangered birds, including the extremely rare takahe, are now thriving.
Other victims of this fourth wave of extinction are the takahe, kakapo, blue duck, and the minuscule remnant populations of burrowing seabirds.
In contrast, the Takahe silt loam displayed the least effect, with a 16% decrease in desorption with time (Fig.
On the periodical scene, Sport and Takahe confirmed their early promise as worthy outlets for poets.
If any difference occurred, it was that translocated birds tended to have higher productivity, similar to previous reports for Takahe (Porphyrio hochstetteri) (Jamieson and Wilson 2003).
18 The endangered flightless bird known as a takahe lives in which country?
The plant-eating Takahe in New Zealand, for instance, has a stout neck and legs as well as an oversized beak, features all present in Diatryma.
46 The takahe and kakapo are rare birds from which country?