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touched by rot or decay


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On the occasion the AAC also destroyed thousands of liters tainted milk and yogurt which was produced in Haripur and in different places of Punjab.
The yogurt was reportedly tainted, due to which 10 persons including Jannat Bibi, wife of Nizam Din, Mohammad Ramzan, his wife Samina Bibi, his sons 3-year-old Abdul Mannan, 4-year-old Abdullah, 5-year-old Usman, 6-year-old Sami Ullah, 8-year-old Abdur Rehman, 11-year-old Subhan and Razia Bibi, wife of Ashfaq, were admitted to the THQ Hospital Jaranwala.
And a New Jersey state judge recently stated that the nearly 15,000 drug convictions one crime lab analyst worked on may be tainted after it was discovered he faked the results of a marijuana test.
Gerry Russell, Kilsyth, said: "I read Rab Picken's comments in Thursday's paper about tainted titles - what rubbish.
Cong questions PM on ' criminal' ministers THE Congress on Monday questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi's pre- poll stand on cleaning up parliament of tainted lawmakers and alleged that the number of shady members in his council of ministers had gone up.
Tokyo - Hundreds of people fell sick across Japan after eating frozen food that may have been tainted with a pesticide.
Ashley uses the experiences of her tainted past to guide women into an amazing future.
TOKYO, Aug 5 (KUNA) - Fonterra, the world's largest dairy exporter, apologized on Monday for its tainted milk powder scare and said the contaminated whey protein responsible for the botulism concerns will be under control within 48 hours, the state-run China Daily reported.
4-billion dairy trade is under threat over the discovery of tainted whey used in dairy products to eight customers in Australia, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Saudi Arabia.
A number of search and seizure campaigns launched by Cairo's Veterinary Medicine Directorate (VMD) in a number of the city's stores, restaurants, slaughterhouses, factories and open air markets, led to the recall of 1,565kg of tainted meat not suitable for human consumption
The ministry said that some of the contractors hired to decontaminate areas are suspected of illegally dumping tainted material in the coastal town of Naraha, the hard-hit village of Iitate, and even farther inland in the city of Tamura, the Japan Times reports.
org, from Silver Spring, MD-based American Herbal Products Association (AHIPA), The group is promoting the site as an educational resource to help consumers avoid tainted products being sold as dietary supplements, marking the first time that the website has been endorsed by a consumer health organization.
He used the PM's appearance before the Leveson Inquiry and his relationship with former News International boss Rebekah Brooks to support his claim: "We have a tainted PM.
The tainted products most commonly fall into the categories of weight loss, body building, and sexual enhancement products.
After years battling the illnesses, Gareth, who was also a trustee of the Haemophilia Society, set up the pressure group Tainted Blood in 2006 to fight for justice for suffering patients.