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Synonyms for tailless

not having a tail


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How many of the tailless bastards pecking at typewriters
We watched traditional dancing, petted the resident tailless Manx cat, made herbal charms and peg doll witches.
The tailless and earless cat stubbornly follows another character and convinces him to try the new dish green eggs and ham.
Only one copy of the Y version is needed to make immature, tailless sperm, but it takes at least five copies of the X version to do so.
Live animals also take centre stage with a Goliath bird eating spider and a tailless whip scorpion among others, with specially commissioned animations, videos and a free comic exhibition guide.
B p65 to regulate apoptosis via small heterodimer partner protein [sup][13] and another protein, cytosolic chaperonin containing tailless complex polypeptide one, partly by inhibiting [sz]-tubulin folding.
He is rescued and cared for by the RSPCA who then seek a special home for a three-legged, tailless, but enormous animal.
As a result, only three to four headless and tailless sardines are packed to a tin.
Some Manx cats have an inherited condition called sacral caudal dysgenesis, a malformation of the vertebrae of the lower back and tail that causes tailless or bobtailed cats to have difficulty using their hind legs.
Dial BE and Fitzpatrick LC (1984) Predator escape success in tailed versus tailless Scincella lateralis (Sauria: Scincidae).
After all, long before the tailless dinner jacket became the dominant formalwear for college men, it was introduced to America in 1886 at a country club--Tuxedo Park in upstate NY, and not by a college student.
Some time after 1886, when tailless (and thus relatively informal) evening clothes for men first appeared, the name this suit picked up from being introduced at the Tuxedo Club in Tuxedo Park, New York, came to be considered too commercial for gentlemanly use.
Sam, the tailless kitten, was rescued by Wags and Purrs, and he is now recovering and will soon be ready for adoption.
The latter may well have had much the same aerodynamic problems as Northrop designs: "Scheidhauer, the Horten test pilot, after some hesitation, being in the presence of Horten, admitted that he preferred the Me 163 of all tailless aircraft.